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YSL Beauty Hall, New All Hours Hyper Bronze, Hyper Finish Powder, Couture Eyeshadow

I’ve been seeing a lot of new things from YSL Beauty, as they’ve revamped their facial products quite a bit and added new shades of lipstick to their lineup. I picked up some eyeshadow palettes a while back and finally got around to testing them out. I have a lot of tutorials that I have shared on my Instagram Reels. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll link it below.

Some items are exclusive to certain retailers, so you may need to shop elsewhere to get them all. I’ll share all my thoughts, hits and misses, below.

all hours hyper bronze

YSL All Hours Hyper Bronze 02, 03

of all hours hyper bronze powder ($65) was released exclusively at nordstrom In the United States. Also available in the UK. selfridges. There are 5 shades in total and I ordered Shades 02 and 03 according to the shade reference chart. This is a long-wearing blurring powder with a satin finish. There is a very subtle shimmer, but I only notice it on the arm swatch. It looks more matte on my face.

As of now, Shade 02 looks better on my skin as it has more neutral undertones, but it’s pretty close to my skin tone so it’s barely there. Shade 03 looks better with more contrast, but the undertone is very yellow/gold and almost looks muddy.

YSL All Hours Hyper Bronze 02

YSL All Hours Hyper Bronze 03

I like the soft blur effect. The pigment is medium and very easy to blend, giving you a natural blurred bronze look. These are packaged in a very thick and durable mirror compact with a chevron pattern and gold logo.

I give the formula a solid A, but I’m not 100% sold on the color. Bronzer can be tricky depending on your skin tone and undertone. I don’t have a normal tan yet so I like the undertone in 02 and wish 03 had the same undertone.

I am wearing this for reference of my skin tone. armani luminous silk foundation mixed with 6 + 6.5 all hours hyper finish powder 03. Below is a comparison with some other samples. gucci bronzer, dior natural bronzer, charlotte tilbury airbrush matte bronzer, sisley and westman atelier.

YSL, Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Westman Atelier bronzer swatches

all hours hyper finish powder

As a big fan of YSL based products like Touche Eclat Concealer I had high hopes for All Hours Hyperfinish Setting Powder ($65, also exclusive) nordstrom Now), I ordered Shade 03. This is a great blurring powder with a soft matte finish. Shade 03 is a little too dark due to it being slightly oxidized, but still fits very well.

YSL All Hours Hyper Powder Shade 03

Blur, smooth and set. Below this there is also a compartment containing a sponge. It has a beautiful finish even when worn for a long time. It has a refreshing scent. I like it, but it’s not the best. I am still charlotte tilbury airbrush perfect finish or sisley blur expert powder For pressed blur powder.of NARS light reflecting powder That’s better in my opinion too.

couture mini clutch eyeshadow

YSL Couture Mini Clutch Eyeshadow

of couture mini clutch eyeshadow ($68 each nordstrom and sephora) has been on my radar for quite some time. It looked incredibly expensive for a 4 pan palette, but the texture felt really silky and smooth when I touched it with the tester. I bought two colors and one was sent to me through her PR. I like the 200 Gueliz Dream the best out of all the ones I’ve tried.

After playing with these I had mixed thoughts. The matte has a beautiful texture and pigment. The silky smooth finish is very easy to apply and I find it blends and builds up very well. The sparkle is really beautiful, but it has a light texture with no substance. It adheres well when applied alone on a creamy base. As a topper applied over a matte, the glitter doesn’t have much of an impact and falls straight onto the cheeks. In fact, they have good staying power and minimal impact. For sparkle toppers, the Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath, and Too Faced Natural Nude Palettes offer much better quality, wear, and color payoff. I also think these are a better purchase because they are more versatile.

YSL Couture Mini Clutch Eyeshadow Swatch

The color is beautiful. The quality is good. I don’t really like the glitter on these.

New shade Rouge Pur Couture + The Bold High Pigment

YSL added more shades Rouge Pur Couture ($48) and bold high pigment ($48). All new shades are neutral.

New colors of YSL Rouge Pur Couture and The Bold High Pigment

Now, we’ve added our best-selling 44 Nude Lavaliere to both formulas. I shared a video of me wearing all four formulas of 44 Nude Lavalliere (linked below). Includes the original Rouge Volupté Shine (now discontinued) and the new Rouge Volupté Shine. love shine High pigment version of both.

New shades of lipstick include neutrals. Rouge Pur Couture 14 is a bright pink nude (which washes out completely), N15 is a maroon brown and N44 is a very cool toned blue baby pink. bold high pigment 16 is a neutral pink-brown that is perfect for me, 17 is a cool rose, and 44 is a cool-toned pale pink.

Here’s a swatch of the new Rouge Pur Couture + The Bold High Pigment compared to the other shades in both formulas.

New color swatches of YSL Rouge Pur Couture and The Bold High Pigment

New shades to me:

New color swatches of YSL Rouge Pur Couture and The Bold High Pigment

Of all the neutrals, I love The Bold High Pigment 16 and Rouge Pur Couture 15. If I could have actually tried the others, I would have passed because they are a little too cool-toned for my skin, but I know. Many people struggle to find cool-toned neutrals, so these might be perfect for you!

Formally speaking, Rouge Pur Couture It’s creamier and smoother, but bold high pigment It is thicker and will last longer. I just checked the prices and I’m shocked by the recent price increases. Last time I bought it it was $45 and it was still expensive. Now it’s $48, so I’m kind of shocked.

If you are concerned about lipstick or eye shadow nordstrom is currently offering 15% off many beauty products (limited time price match sale). sephora savings event If you’re a Rouge Beauty Insider, it’s almost here starting April 5th.

Overall, it was fun trying out some great new products. Not all are must-haves for me, but still definitely very good in terms of quality and color payoff.

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Have you tried any of these yet? What did you think?

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