Xbox Is Testing An AI Chatbot, And Here’s How It Could Work

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Microsoft is a big believer in artificial intelligence, and it’s been revealed that the company is developing an AI-powered chatbot for Xbox, but it’s only a prototype for now.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: The Verge Microsoft is reportedly testing something called “Xbox Support Virtual Agent.” The chatbot, which is currently only a prototype, features an animated character that can answer Xbox-related questions by voice or text.

“This prototype allows players to pull information from existing Xbox support pages and use natural language to more easily and quickly get help on support topics,” Microsoft said.

The Verge further reported that the Xbox AI chatbot is part of Microsoft’s “larger effort” to bring AI to the Xbox platform and services. This isn’t entirely surprising, considering Microsoft has already publicly announced that it will bring AI to all of its products, including Xbox.

Among other things, the Xbox AI chatbot will be able to handle game refunds and answer support-related Xbox questions, The Verge reports. The chatbot can ask players, “How can I help you today?” and answer questions about Xbox issues, subscriptions, and support.

The Verge’s sources added that the Xbox AI chatbot is just the beginning of how Microsoft will leverage AI on Xbox. The site reported that unspecified “AI capabilities” could assist in “creating game content, interacting with games, and Xbox platforms and devices.” This could include AI-generated art or assets for games. It could also be used for game testing and “generative AI” NPCs. Microsoft previously announced a deal with Inworld to make AI-powered games.

Xbox’s AI efforts could also help with content moderation, the site reported. Additionally, Xbox says he could potentially develop an AI-powered “assistant” that could provide assistance while playing if a gamer needs help completing a certain part of the game. there is.

Formerly Microsoft Reportedly invested $10 billion in OpenAI Help fuel your future AI ambitions. When it comes to Xbox in particular, CFO Tim Stuart recently spoke about why he’s so excited about AI.

“I have never been more excited about technology changes in the gaming industry,” he said. “The last thing we did was go from console discs to what we call online games and games as a service, things like Fortnite and Minecraft that really changed the landscape of how people play. Mobile gaming is one of them. I think AI is one of the tipping points for us.”

But Stewart didn’t say a single word about how AI might impact or even replace developers, which is important to many people. This is a matter of great concern. EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently spoke passionately about the potential for AI to play a major role in the future of video games, while also acknowledging that some jobs may be lost or displaced.

Earlier, Xbox executives including Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond spoke positively about the prospects for AI, but also declined to discuss concerns about job losses.

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