Winter Body Care Routine — Estée Lalonde

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I love my winter body care routine. I always feel a little sluggish in the winter, so I tend to take more time and care for my body than usual.

I love dry brushing, especially this time of year when everything feels a little rough and dry. It’s great for exfoliating, lymphatic drainage, and increasing energy and circulation, which is definitely needed right now.

I also love body scrubs, my favorite is Buff by mirror water Of course, but I don’t often dry brush and scrub on the same day, especially in the winter when my skin is a little more sensitive.

Fake tan is my lifesaver in winter. From December to March, I’m in a ghostly state and will do whatever it takes to not be. I wish I could get a natural tan, but that’s almost impossible in London in the winter. Unless you’re constantly flying somewhere, it’s not sustainable for the planet (and my wallet!). So instead, paradise islandFake tan is my favorite. I love the glow it gives me, it’s spotty and not orange!

I love pairing my tanned skin with a glowy body oil or balm. Mirror water (smooth and rubs), because they make me shine! SMOOTH is my winter essential. Because it makes me shine so much. It’s a non-sticky formula, so it won’t stain easily even when layered, making it perfect for winter! I also rub it all the time in winter! This little balm is perfect for those dry, rough spots that miraculously appear in the winter. Again, it’s not sticky at all, so it’s very convenient to keep in your bag or on your desk, and you don’t have to worry about oil stains on your keyboard.

Finally, of course, I love a hot bath to warm up the colander.My bath always contains mirror water soak bath saltsgorgeous bath oils like Suzanne Kaufman’s Bath for the Senses, which are absolutely gorgeous, and of course candles: My current favorite is Boy Smells’ Kush candle.

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