What to Wear to Work: Liz MacCuish and Jordan Mitchell

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Determining what to wear to work is never an easy choice, but it can be even more of a challenge when your job isn’t the typical 9-to-5. In a bid to shake up our own work wardrobes, we sought out the advice of some of the best dressed women working today. Next up are Jordan Mitchell and Liz MacCuish, the founders and driving force behind London-based marketing agency Good Culture, responsible for taking some of the biggest brands, campaigns, and tastemakers in the world out of category and into culture.

As the duo balance a fast-paced schedule, a growing business and being working mums, we asked them what workwear means to them and how their personal styles changes for each of the (very) different roles they play day-to-day. 

What Jordan Mitchell wears to work

(Image credit: PHILL TAYLOR)

How did you both meet and how have you found the journey from starting out to launching Good Culture?

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