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Every few weeks I love to publish a fun, random compilation of all the things I’m loving right now. You can see some past examples here and here. Today, I’m going to focus on eight small things. These are all things that have brought me joy over the past few weeks.

marble wrapping paper

Nothing makes me happier than buying office supplies and wrapping supplies. this I knew I would buy it!

seersucker personalized case

Just like you need a hole in your head, you need a separate makeup case, This one It was too cute to pass up. I love that it comes with a mini brush case!You can shop here There are 7 different color options.

green minaudière

This is team green!Green is one of my favorite colors and I knew it this bag It would go with a lot of dressy items in my closet.Additionally, the ringtone less than $40 I felt like I had stolen it. PS: For those who don’t like green, we also have black, pink, and pearl. here!

pretty necklace

Stacking necklaces are getting my attention (remember this post?!). I already have quite a collection, but I was really interested in delicate and thin necklaces. This one and This one Add to my stack. Best of all, each one costs less than $15.

sweet scalloped tray

I recently redid my bathroom. simple tray To put soap and other small toiletries.I came empty-handed for weeks, but I happened to find it. This one. Personally, I love it even more!

new york style little book

A very talented and lovely woman I work with gave me this book I love it so much for Christmas.Followed Kristen Bateman Years after I was introduced to her at a sit-down dinner in New York. I love her take on fashion, so I’m so happy to have her books in my home.

goop salt scrub

Well, we talked This product again and again. It’s been sold out for months, but we’re finally back in stock, so take advantage of it!i use this I use it about once every 10 days and my hair feels like it’s completely reset.I also stocked up on spares. these similarly this.

candle wick trimmer

As we enter the comfortable season, I often light candles.I decided to pick up small wick trimmer It’s as cute as it is functional! this candle is what I’m most passionate about right now!

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