Weekly Roundup: Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (Feb 05)

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Welcome to The Weekly Roundup on Dogington Post. Here we scour the internet for the funniest posts about furry friends.

To start the year, from January 28th to February 3rd, we’ll be bringing you some funny dog ​​posts to help you get through the rest of the week.

If you’re having a boring day, these posts are sure to cheer you up.

Please note the following:

When life is too good:

Our Spirit Animal, if you ask us:

When one dog’s trash becomes another dog’s treasure:

When they interrogate you to find out who is a good girl:

When you receive a reward and need to celebrate:

Please explain this!

When trying to catch the wiper:

When testing your puppy:

When they needed a bath more than you did, and they know it.

If you are an innovative dog owner:

If you disturb their sleep…:

If they are trying to help, but the brothers have other plans:


You wanted it with the original sound … here it is 🤣 #doodle #garbage #buck #americasfavoritepet #germanshepherd #ohno

♬ original sound – Sunnyboy


If a weekly roundup isn’t enough for you, check out last week’s series of posts.

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