Watches, Stories, & Gear: Tactile Turn’s First Flashlight, a Green Dialed Vulcain Chronograph, and the Final Trailer for 3 Body Problem Arrives

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Vulcain Chronograph 1970s Really nailed a very specific era in watchmaking history, with a classic two-register layout and sizing (38mm diameter, approximately 12mm height) reminiscent of classic vintage pieces. Now, Vulcan has launched a new model with silver, blue, black and salmon dials, as well as verdant green with silver subdials. It definitely looks great, giving the vintage-inspired Chrono a bit of a modern twist with colors that really feel of the moment. It is currently available to order from Vulcain’s website, with retail price set at his CHF 2,500.For more information here.

About WorldTempus’ “Women in Watchmaking” metaphor

Ann Editorial with provocative title This week at WorldTempus, an article caught our attention: “Can we please stop talking about women in watchmaking?” Writer Sophie Farley, in an article we tend to follow here at Worn & Wound, argues that all professionals in their field should be treated exactly the same, and that they are the best way to close the gender gap in the industry. I take the position that it is a method. It’s about highlighting the achievements of women watchmakers, business owners, etc. without constructing gender-specific stories. It’s no secret to us that there are many outstanding women in the watch industry. Our goal is to celebrate their achievements in the same way we celebrate the men in the watch industry. As Farley points out in her article, no one writes about the “best male watchmaker” and that this is the standard we should hold women to as well. She makes a convincing case.

Tactile Turn launches first flashlight

We’re big fans of Tactile Turn pens and knives, so we thought we’d talk about their latest creation, a completely new category for the Texas-based brand. The Apollo is his Tactile Turn’s first flashlight, and it seems like it will blend well with the brand’s other products, as it has the same distinctive finish and precision machining. Apollo is his 3.6-inch flashlight that outputs up to 520 lumens, all machined at Tactile Turn’s Dallas facility.Currently sold out, but you can receive a restock notification here it is. Retail price is $299.

Kim Gordon’s influence on film

Sonic Youth co-founding member and true indie rock legend Kim Gordon just released her latest solo album, The Collective, about a week ago. To commemorate this, she has been selected as this month’s Featured Curator at Gallery, a new online film club from Indian Paintbrush production studios, perhaps most widely known for releasing many of director Wes Anderson’s films. Ta. Gordon’s selection as her curator reveals a wide range of influences in her art and reflects her deep love of independent film.She wrote about some of her own choices in Variety magazine here, multiple films from Olivier Assayas, and a modern classic from Lynne Ramsay. All are solid recommendations, and it’s great to read Gordon’s insight into each film.

3 Body issue final trailer

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