Watches, Stories, & Gear: Breaking Down Sartory Billard’s New Movement, Tracking the Northern Lights, and Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro

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If you’re looking for a more critical review of how Apple Vision Pro actually works, check out the work, I liked this review in the Wall Street Journal. In this review, Joanna Stern puts on the headset during a weekend retreat and tries to do all the things she normally does without taking it off. verdict? Cooking with Apple Vision Pro can be a game-changer. Skiing? Maybe not.

Where to see the aurora borealis this year

You may have heard that this year is expected to be the best year in recent memory to see the natural phenomenon known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis. The lights occasionally seen in certain areas of the Earth are essentially solar storms, occurring periodically and peaking this year at the end of the 11-year solar cycle, a period known as the Solar Maximum. is expected to arrive. There is an entire tourism industry built around seeing the Northern Lights. This recent article from Outside Online Here are some options for aurora seekers who might be lucky enough to spot one this year.

Recent UFO boom

in This long article in New York magazine, author Nicholson Baker investigates a strange recent phenomenon: smart people claiming that aliens have visited us. Hearings on UFO sightings on Capitol Hill and calls for the declassification of records related to these sightings are, as the evidence suggests, tantamount to tacit admission of the existence of extraterrestrial life (in the science fiction movie sense). became. Not supported. More than just an affirmation to skeptics, Mr. Baker’s article features a lot of solid reporting on where all these his UFO claims came from, and you’ll want to pass for a headline-ready soundbite. If so, it’s worth reading.

TASCHEN books on sale

TASCHEN, a publisher of many gorgeous and luxurious coffee table books on a wide range of subjects, is having a sale showcasing some of their most popular items. Many of these books have high retail prices, so the opportunity to purchase some of these books at a significant discount is welcome to collectors. Items in the sale include books about Leonardo da Vinci, the NASA archives, and Charlie Chaplin. Please act quickly. sale It is scheduled to end tomorrow, February 4th.

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