VinBrain joins Vietnam’s National TB Screening and more partnership briefs

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Global Fund selects VinBrain for nationwide TB testing in Vietnam

Bill Gates’ Global Fund has selected health tech company VinBrain to support Vietnam’s national tuberculosis prevention campaign by providing AI technology.

Under the commercial agreement, VinBrain will transfer 32 AI-related licenses of its technology to government-led programs to support the testing of approximately 1 million suspected tuberculosis cases starting in April and ultimately by 2035. Contributing to the eradication of tuberculosis in Japan. .

According to a press release, VinBrain’s DrAid for tuberculosis screening can help reduce diagnosis time and potentially lower screening costs from $50 to $60 to just $1.

The same TB screening module will be integrated soon. Ghana’s National Tuberculosis Program as part of a Memorandum of Understanding that BinBrain recently signed with African organizations. New MOUs have been signed with two major hospitals in Guam. Adopted VinBrain’s AI as part of hospital’s smart transformation.

Vuno signs deal with X-ray supplier Sedecal

South Korean medical AI company Vuno has signed an agreement with global X-ray supplier Sedecal to provide chest X-ray reading solutions.

Headquartered in Spain, the company supplies X-ray systems to medical device companies around the world, including GE Healthcare, Siemens, Philips and Agfa.

Sedecal is incorporating Vuno’s AI-based solution into its X-ray systems sold around the world. Product integration has already been completed in January.

The two companies plan to focus sales of their AI-powered X-ray systems on major European countries, while also looking to expand into Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa in the near future. Vuno also plans to enter the U.S. market once it receives regulatory approval in the next few years.

Wellysis launches heart monitoring service with Artella in the US

Samsung spin-off company Wellisys has partnered with American company Altera Solutions to introduce remote heart monitoring services in the United States.

The next service launching in Texas will include S-Patch, Wellisys’ U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved electrocardiogram-based solution and S-Patch, which enables up to 14 days of extended testing on a single coin battery. Features ExL devices. .

Meanwhile, Wellisys is working to obtain new FDA clearance for its AI algorithm, which will also be integrated into new medical services with Artella.

Korean CGM equipment receives CE mark

Korean company i-SENS has obtained the CE mark for its CGM device under the European Union Medical Device Regulations, allowing it to enter the European market.

CareSens Air CGM is Korea’s first government-certified CGM device that can continuously monitor blood sugar levels for up to 15 days and send data every 5 minutes to a connected smartphone app without a separate receiver.

The CE certification is I-SENS’ second regulatory approval after receiving approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in June last year.

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