Valentino Beauty Eye2Cheek 03 Rosa Emozione + Satin Lipstick 100R Roman Grace

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Valentino Beauty Eye 2 Cheek Rosa Emozione and Satin Lip 100R Roman Grace

Today I’m going to do a mini-review of two things I recently bought. Valentino Beauty has released some items in limited white and gold packaging and I’ve been picking them up over the past few months. What I picked up was Rosso Valentino Satin Lipstick 100R Roman Grace ($45) and Eye2Cheek Blush + Shadow 03 Rosa Emozione ($52).both shades Permanent lineup So if you can’t find the white package version, know that the classic red + gold version is still available.

eye 2 cheek blush

Valentino Beauty Eye 2 Cheek Rosa Emozione

It’s been a while since I played with Valentino Beauty (Review + Sample Since there was a line a few years ago Originally published here). During the holidays, I started hanging out with some people. Eye2 cheek shade In 2004 and 08, a lot of people really loved it. I forgot how silky smooth it is! It can be used for both the eyes and cheeks, but I tend to use it as a blush since I tend to go for pink or coral colors.

These have a very fine and soft powdery texture. It feels very soft and silky, almost creamy to the touch. The finish has a very fine pearlescent sheen on most products, but there are a few that have a more pronounced shine. Shade 03 Rosa Emozione A beautiful baby pink with a golden glow. It’s sparkly so it can also be used as a highlight. I think it’s beautiful!

Valentino Beauty Eye 2 Cheek Rosa Emozione

Valentino Beauty Eye 2 Cheek Rosa Emozione

Swatch comparison with several other shades including: RMS Beauty Redimension Hydra Powder Blush At French Rose, NARS powder blush Orgasm (a classic for me), and a few others Valentino Eye2 Cheek Shade, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Blush Fantes de Chanel Sublime Flash and Chanel Illuminating Powder Blush (review here, no longer available).

pink blush swatch

Rosso Valentino Satin Lipstick

Rosso Valentino Satin Lipstick 100R Roman Grace

What I purchased was Rosso Valentino Satin Lipstick 100R (permanent shade) Click here for packaging) I used it while traveling a few months ago and it was the perfect neutral nude mauve pink for me. It has a satin finish so it has a slight shine. I think I tried this in a mini a few years ago and I don’t know why I didn’t wear it more often. I really love it now. This case is refillable in either red or white packaging.

Rosso Valentino Satin Lipstick 100R Roman Grace

I’ve compared some swatches below and they look a little different, but I think that’s because my body has completely lost the tan. These rose mauve lips look very dark on fair skin tones because they have brown or mauve undertones. It doesn’t look that dark on my face/lips.

Nude Pink Lipstick Swatch Charlotte Tilbury, Valentino, Gucci, ABH, Chantecaille

charlotte tilbury matte revolution At Pillow Talk, gucci satin lipstick in midday blaze and Bertha Blossom (review here), Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick Rose Dream (on the lips here), Freesia chantecaille lip chic (review here), YSL Rouge Pur Couture N5 (sample here).

Overall really loved. I think the Valentino Beauty line is really underrated and I think it’s because of the packaging. Some people may say that the color of the packaging is a bit flashy, and the plastic looks and feels cheap. I have to say I agree. The packaging is actually well made and sturdy, but there’s something about the red plastic that makes it a little unappealing. The white plastic is the same material but somehow looks more premium. That being said, the actual product performs very well.

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I purchased from sephora. Valentino Beauty can also be found at: nordstrom, neiman marcus and bloomingdales.

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