US Coast Guard Rescues Golden Retriever After It Falls Off A 300-foot Cliff

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U.S. Coast Guard personnel in Oregon rescue a golden retriever that fell off a steep cliff on New Year’s Day.

PEOPLE reports that Leo, a 3-year-old golden retriever, was celebrating the New Year with his owners Alexa Ferry and Cody Chimienti.

Ferry and Chimienti were walking Leo with their other dog, Remy, when the former decided to take the lead.

Unfortunately, Leo made one mistake and fell off the edge of a cliff in Oregon’s Ecola State Park onto the shores of Cannon Beach.

Leo’s owner immediately called 911. Cannon Beach Regional Fire Protection District They responded immediately and set up a rope system to rescue the dog.

they revealed, “When the Coast Guard arrived, Cannon Beach personnel were preparing to rappel down the cliff side, but were able to retrieve the dog and reunite it with its owner.”

The U.S. Coast Guard posted about the incident on X (formerly Twitter). “A #USCG flight crew from Astoria rescues a dog that fell off a cliff at Ecola State Park in #Oregon.” they wrote. “Rescue personnel responded and lifted the dog into a hoisting basket.”

The Coast Guard also said the crew worked with Cannon Beach, Nehalem Bay and Seaside fire departments to ensure a safe rescue.

A day after the rescue, the Coast Guard shared footage of the dog’s rescue. The owner, who spoke with the Coast Guard, said the dog stayed overnight at an emergency veterinarian after being rescued.

“He has some cuts and bruises. All things considered, he’s doing well. We’re very grateful he’s alive and expected to recover.” Leo’s owner said so.

In light of this incident, gofundme It was set up to help pay for Leo’s veterinary bills. Parent Trina Boam, who is helping set up a GoFundMe with Leo’s owner, revealed the severity of Leo’s injuries.

Baum wrote, “After spending the first night in the hospital, doctors determined he had a pneumothorax, which caused difficulty breathing, a contusion of the lungs, several lacerations and bruises, a fractured canine tooth, and a fractured jaw.”

The latest update also revealed that Leo stayed at the hospital for a second night to ensure he was stable enough to undergo surgery.

Baum wrote, “Please keep Leo in your thoughts as he recovers. Alexa and Cody are also nursing him back to being the healthy dog ​​we all love.”

Following this incident, Cannon Beach RFPD issued a warning to dog parents: “While the coast is beautiful, it’s not completely safe. We encourage everyone to keep their dogs on a leash when hiking, unless the state park’s website specifically states ‘dogs allowed off-leash.’ Please be careful. ”

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