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Tuesday’s rainy weather gave us a break, so my group headed to Gilroy, first climbing the foothills west of Morgan Hill, then heading to Gilroy Recreation on Hecker Pass Highway and Burchell Road. I walked along the path. We went on to the sports complex in Gilroy and then drove the three hours home from me down Santa Teresa Boulevard. Unfortunately, I met with an accident on the way. One of the riders had a puncture and suddenly slowed down, causing his friend Bruce to make wheel contact with him and fall. It looked like it was still safe to ride, but I went home just to be sure. It was later discovered that he had broken his collarbone. I hope it heals naturally. The lesson here is to give yourself more space from other riders on group rides.

Kirigin Winery parking lot break
Several vineyards near recreational paths.The grass has turned green thanks to the recent rain.

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