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The season for shorts has arrived. We’re ready! I love wearing sandals with dresses during the warmer months, but you might be surprised to learn that I actually love pairing denim shorts with an oversized shirt. My post on how to style wide leg jeans and denim for fall was such a hit that I wanted to do a similar post on denim shorts. Today, I will introduce his 5 best jean shorts of 2024 in my opinion. This list has a great mix of washes, lengths, and styles. We’ll also give you sizing details and how to style each pair, so you’re ready for the warmer months.

what i’m looking for

Before I share my top 5 best jean shorts, I wanted to touch on what I was looking for…

  1. Variety of cuts and styles. As we all know, different silhouettes and washes suit different tops. For this reason, I like to keep a variety of denim shorts styles in my closet. I was looking for a combination of both distressed and clean lengths, different washes, and different cuts.
  2. white jean shorts. I find this is often the most difficult pair to find. So, I was looking for a new white denim that I would like.
  3. quality and comfort. These two are the biggest deciding factors for me. I want items that are washable, last for years, and make me look and feel my best.

How we found the best jean shorts

I knew that if I wanted to find the best pair of jean shorts, it would take time, I would have to order in bulk, and unfortunately I would have to make a lot of trips to the post office for returns. Considering denim shorts are as much a summer staple as swimsuits, we wanted to get it right. So, I ordered 25 pairs to try it out! Products often look and feel different than expected. Also, there is always the possibility that the size will be irregular. We thought we should tread carefully and experiment with a wide range of options to hone in on the best.

Overall Best Jean Shorts Brand

Below are my top 5 favorites. But first, we wanted to highlight the best jean shorts brands. whole, Agordo For me, denim was the clear winner in this category. We mentioned this brand in our guide on how to style wide-leg jeans and denim for fall. Surprisingly, these AGOLDE styles didn’t work out for me. However, when it comes to denim shorts, this brand Offering great quality and my favorite fit and wash.

5 Best Jean Shorts

After a lot of trial and error and putting on and taking off the shorts, I was able to narrow it down to my top five. We’ll break it down into categories and share our favorites, including sizing details and how to style each pair.

Gold black long denim, oversized shirt, pointy flats and best denim shorts

1. Pair of vest lengths

Longer denim shorts are trending right now, so I’m matching may have seen me wearing this dark denim pair on Instagram Stories. This is my current favorite in this category, and I especially love the look of the cuffs. It has a high rise and a button fly opening.they come in this amazing denim wash, This trend’s light washand this black rinse. I chose black and love that it can feel a little more dressy than most denim shorts.Lately I’ve been wearing it with this pointed flat this oversized denim shirt and this new bag.

Size details

I thought this denim was true to size. Please note that it is 100% cotton, so there is no stretch. This is also a slightly thicker denim.

2. Best Distressed Jean Shorts

If you’re looking for a shorter style that’s a little more casual, look no further than classic Levi’s.these 501 denim shorts This is the shortest short story on the list. It’s also the cheapest, coming in at less than $75. I actually own these shorts that have been washed multiple times ( this laundry), I bought my first pair years ago (I saw them styled here). Clearly, they’ve earned more than a place on our best jean shorts list.

When it comes to styling, I love pairing short shorts with long, voluminous tops tucked in. I’m wearing Levi’s now. oversized button down and classic Chanel ballet flats and sneakers. If you’re looking for a great pair of flats, be sure to check out my roundup of my current favorite ballet shoes.These shorts are also nice simple tanksandals with straps, layered jewelry.

Size details

These are very true to size in my opinion. Mid-rise fit with a 2.5-inch inseam. This is also 100% cotton, so there is almost no stretch!

3. Best retro denim

these light wash denim shorts The high rise and clean hem give it that ’80s denim vibe that I love.i’m gonna wear mine cropped striped t-shirt and gazelle sneakers (Here are some more Adidas Gazelle outfit ideas!) I love the fun and sporty look of primary colors like this one. However, you can also take these shorts in a completely different direction by pairing them with the following items: funky tops, platform sandals and bright bags.

Size details

Again, these are 100% cotton, have very little stretch, and are true to size. High-rise denim with a 4-inch inseam, almost mid-length shorts.As you know, I love myself. Pistola high-rise ankle jeans, as seen here and here. So it’s no wonder I fell in love with these.

4. Best loose fit pair

Tunak striped mia top, agold, striped look for summer

The Parka Fit Long is another pair from AGOLDE that deserves a spot on our best jean shorts list.I ended up getting these for both black wash and mid blue wash, and I love them both! Parker also has shortcuts. But I prefer shorter denim. Levi’s 501. These shorts can be styled in many different ways, but at the moment we love pairing them with: striped tops and coordinate striped bag.

Size details

Some reviews said that these denim shorts run large, but I chose my regular size. I like the relaxed fit. I believe some reviewers wanted a tighter fit and therefore recommended sizing down. High rise and 4 inch inseam. Dimensions and fit are similar. pistola denim shorts listed above. However, the wash and seam details make these two of his shorts look very different from each other.

5. Best white jean shorts

Is there anything more difficult to shop for than white denim? Some are too sheer, some are too tight and revealing, and some look dirty. As a result of trying on more than 6 pairs of white denim, This one It was the winner! I wanted a pair of high-rise, clean, undistressed white denim shorts. I also wanted the inseam to be (at least) 4 inches. These tick all the boxes and are the best white jean shorts. I love the vest trend and feel like: these shorts This will look cute lightweight summer vest and these chic ivory sandals.I styled them here these shoes And a fisherman sweater.

Size details

This denim is true to size, has a high rise and a slightly longer than 4 inch inseam. However, unlike other shorts, these shorts contain 2% elastane. Therefore, they have quite a bit of elasticity.

favorite denim shorts

Are you a fan of jean shorts in the warmer months, or do you prefer to wear dresses and sandals? Maybe you’re a mix of both, like me? If you’re looking for more spring/summer outfit inspiration, check out my posts on the best one-piece swimsuits, Adidas Gazelle outfit ideas, spring bag edits, and my 40 favorite strappy sandals.

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