Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition

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There is a positive answer to this question, this Baller PRX will make you forget about your preference for 35mm models. Yes, it might be a good idea to add just the right amount of flourish to an already complete package. Is the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition the beginning of a new side of the hit watch for the brand?

I had the 40mm quartz version of the PRX, but we all remember the huge wave of popularity that hit Tissot when the PRX Powermatic 80 came out. But have you ever asked yourself why? Not everyone knows about Genta’s Grail Watch, Jorg Heysek’s Overseas, or even his humble GP Laureato. PRX is popular among watch geeks because it offers something close to the depth of the 70’s vibe at an affordable price. But it’s also a well-made steel watch with an integrated bracelet for the watch-buying public, a double win for Tissot.

Tissot PRX NBA x Damian Lillard

Golden makeover by NBA player and artist

I happily admit to being skeptical about sports celebrities and musicians leaving their mark on popular timepieces. However, there are big exceptions like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak designed with rapper Travis Scott. I liked it. And when I took one look at this PRX of his, my feelings are similar, thanks to a subtle Easter egg here. This watch doesn’t look all that different until you take a closer look. And by keeping it understated, Tissot and Damian Lillard have created some seriously cool drops with just the right IYKYK details.

Tissot PRX NBA x Damian Lillard

But who is Damian Lillard? He is no less than his eight-time NBA All-Star, and in the rap world he is also known by the name Dame DOLLA. Lillard says, “What I love about the PRX collection is its sophisticated design combined with the quality of Swiss watches that everyone knows. [. . .] At a fair price. [It is] A watch that speaks to my style and values: high quality, realistic, and inclusive. It’s about bringing the first-class Swiss craftsmanship experience to every wrist, not just the privileged few. ” And I wholeheartedly agree with this honest and realistic view of grand design. This new PRX still costs less than 900 euros, which compared to other aftermarket versions is quite a bargain for a limited edition sleek bracelet-integrated star.

what’s new?

I’ve covered the basics of this watch many times, so I won’t go into them here. However, I would like to emphasize the continued value of the Powermatic 80. Although it may seem obvious today, the anti-magnetic balance spring and large power reserve are impressive. If you go back 5-6 years, you’ll be blown away by the price/spec ratio. Tissot sends a strong signal by making its first celebrity collaboration a big-case gold PVD ​​PRX. Now, the PRX Powermatic 80 highlights the more glamorous aspects of its 70s inspiration.

For my wrist size of 17.5cm, 40mm is a little long due to the end links. Still, it’s angled just enough to create a firm wrist hug for comfort. And yes, the brushing of the flat links and subtly polished bevels give it a much more premium feel than the price suggests. “Tissot and I have a common belief: greatness is possible for anyone.” Damian Lillard says: This gives PRX a different and fresh look at collaborative efforts, and Lillard wants to celebrate that his fame came through hard work, not luck. .

Tissot PRX NBA x Damian Lillard

Understated or over-the-top?

This 40mm PRX looks pretty standard from a distance, aside from the bold glitter and black exterior. But there’s a lot to unravel behind the bezel. First of all, Tissot created a new dial pattern for this watch. If you look closely, you’ll see a tall zero instead of Tissot’s usual tapestry-like pattern. This is a reference to Damian Lillard’s NBA uniform number. At Rehaut, the abbreviations for his and his children’s names (Damian Lamonte Ollie, Damian Jr., Kari Emma Lee, and Kari Raheem) are “DDKK” and “YKWTII” (You Know What Time It). Subtle but meaningful carvings were also found. ) Same as Lillard’s nickname “DAME TIME”. “Bad time.” These very personal touches emphasize the understated vibe (well, as understated as gold is…). The best and most eye-catching detail for me is the brand new seconds hand.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the black color with Dame DOLLA’s fancy dollar sign-like ‘D’ signature counterweight. With Tissot’s Quick Change Bracelet, you can change your personality like Lillard swapping the ball for Mike. However, gold is gold after all, and you’ll want to enjoy its shine with any outfit. This PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition is a flashy move from Tissot, but it’s well thought out with wonderfully subtle details. Also, since it was implemented without skyrocketing prices, I received a huge round of applause and deserved applause.This watch can be used for: €895 from Tissot.

What do you think, Fratelli? Could this be the start of Tissot making waves with a series of official PRX specials? I think the Damian Lillard Special Edition will leave Tissot with a sweet taste of the collaboration scene, but I totally agrees with that. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Watch specifications


PRX Powermatic 80 Damian Lillard Special Edition




Black with elongated ‘0’ motif, gold-tone applied indexes with Super-LumiNova and date window with gold-tone frame

Case material

Stainless steel with yellow gold PVD coating

case dimensions

40mm (diameter) x 10.9mm (thickness)


Sapphire with anti-reflective coating

case back

Stainless steel with yellow gold PVD coating and silk-printed display window


Powermatic 80: automatic and manual winding, 21,600 vibrations per hour, 80 hours power reserve, 23 jewels, anti-magnetic Nivacron hairspring

water resistance

10 atm (100 meters)


One-piece stainless steel bracelet with yellow gold PVD coating, push-button butterfly clasp and quick-release pin


Time (hours, minutes, seconds) and date

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