Timur Abdullin is a Mentor and Father Figure to His Gymnastics Students

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Young gymnasts dream of standing on the Olympic stage with a gold medal around their neck. But Timur Abdulin knows that there is more to this life than just the Olympics, and he makes sure to teach his students how gymnastics can help them in the future beyond the gym.

A former member of the city and national junior teams in his native Kazakhstan, Timur excelled in gymnastics from an early age. When his injury hit hard, he ended his 16-year professional career and instead found a new focus on developing youth programs.

He studied at the University of Physical Education, where he wrote a thesis focused on the mental and physical preparation of young athletes. In 2000, he began working as a coach at the Olympic Reserve Sports School, focusing on coaching student-athletes.

University and the beginning of coaching

Timur graduated from university in 2003 and in 2009 received the International Coach’s Certificate from the International Gymnastics Federation with the highest award. He then started his career as a judge and won awards at major competitions such as the World Championships.student universiade and Olympic competition.

One of Abdullin’s concerns throughout his career was seeing the effects of years of intense training on young athletes, focusing too sharply on their athletic abilities that were still forming. It meant leaving him on the side of the road for the rest of his life. Timur was determined to do everything he could to find that balance, redirecting his energies to become both a successful athlete and a respected member of his community and the world at large.

How gymnastics can teach life skills

Timur Abdulin coaching

Gymnastics is essentially an individual sport that relies on training the body to complete complex, controlled maneuvers. Precision is everything. This kind of dedication and focus is important for any athlete, but especially for young athletes who are struggling to be accepted by their families, coaches, and teams. Gymnasts with advanced skills are 10-15 years career On average, if it started at a young age, it could mean that many gymnasts burn out in their early 20s.

With their whole lives ahead of them, many former athletes without proper coping skills or worldly experience very often turn to other means, namely drugs and alcohol.

Abdullin wanted to emphasize to his students the importance of the whole person. He focuses on showing young athletes that they are leaders in their communities and need to lead by example. Developing children’s individuality, continuing their education, and learning how to deal with disappointments and frustrations in healthy ways are hallmarks of Abdulin’s coaching.

opportunities in america

Timur Abdulin started his career in the United States in 2020. He became a senior trainer at Universal Gymnastics Academy in Northport, Florida. At the same time, he continued his coaching career, including serving as the incumbent referee for the National Championships in Tampa, Florida.

While in Florida, he earned the following certifications: USA Gymnastics Federation and began training the team at his gymnastics club. Timur also enjoys helping gymnasts qualify for college scholarships, with three former students preparing and succeeding.

Timur’s most recent position is as a senior coach at Metropolitan Gymnastics in Seattle, Washington. Metropolitan Gymnastics has an award-winning national men’s development program and a junior elite program run by Abdulin.

One of his bright stars is Jonah Saltz, a member of the Men’s Development Program. Saltz placed fifth at the 2023 U.S. Gymnastics Championships and sixth at the Boys Development National Championships. Most importantly, Jonah has a life outside of the gym, and Abdullin is proud of that.

For Timur Abdulin, gymnastics may be beautiful, but it’s not the only thing in life. Personal growth is more important than producing results, and he plans to prioritize that for the next 10 years as the gym’s head coach.

vision and legacy

Coach Timur Abdoulin’s appointment to Metropolitan Gymnastics heralds a new era of ambition and aspirations for the men’s gymnastics program. Coach Timur is dedicated to preserving and enhancing this program’s rich history of excellence with a forward-looking vision.

His leadership philosophy is rooted in creating an environment that prioritizes excellence, dedication, and growth both on and off the gymnastics field. Timur’s coaching approach focuses not only on honing gymnasts’ physical skills, but also on developing their mental strength and passion for the sport.

Under his tutelage, young gymnasts are encouraged to dream big and work tirelessly to achieve their personal bests. Coach Timur’s commitment to inspiring these athletes is evident in the personalized attention and guidance he provides.

By leveraging the strong foundation established by previous generations of coaches and gymnasts, we aim to make a significant contribution to the tradition of Metropolitan Gymnastics and ensure that Metropolitan Gymnastics’ reputation for producing top-level athletes continues to grow. Masu.

coaching staff

Source: beemat.co.uk

The success of Metropolitan Gymnastics’ men’s program is a testament to the collective efforts and expertise of our award-winning coaching staff, with coach Timur Abdulin playing a central role. As an expert in supervising Level 8-9/Junior Elite (JE) gymnasts, his expertise is invaluable in preparing athletes for the higher stages of competitive gymnastics. Timur Coach’s role helps develop the technical skills, discipline and competitive mindset required at these advanced levels.

The Metropolitan Gymnastics coaching team is a blend of experience, passion and dedication. Stephen Schmerber, who serves as the men’s program director, is focused on developing his star young talent at Levels 5-7/Future.

His leadership ensures that foundational skills are built and prepared for advanced development. Level 9 and 10 option coach Yuri Kartsev brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, with a focus on fine-tuning gymnasts’ skills and routines for elite competition.

This collaborative coaching team is the backbone of our gymnastics program, ensuring each gymnast receives the guidance and support they need to excel. Their joint efforts foster a culture of excellence that encourages all gymnasts to push their limits and achieve their best. The team’s dedication to skill development and competitive success makes Metropolitan Gymnastics a breeding ground for champions.

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