The Red Flat Shoe Trend Will Elevate Your Spring Jeans Outfits

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As we inch closer and closer to spring, the fashion insiders around me are looking smart, cozy, and seemingly capturing the current fashion trends while simultaneously maintaining a timeless undercurrent. I’ve watched in awe as you’ve managed to hone your stylish wardrobe rotation. Inspired by these looks, I spent some time finding new season swaps that work to keep a fresh edge on classic looks.

Marina Torred is wearing red ballet shoes

From leopard-print layering to gray crewneck cardigans, fashion insiders have been making some smart shoe choices lately, and many of them stem from big new-season trends. The most fashionable? Red flat shoes are trending. Capitalizing on the growing preference for flats over heels, the style set completes everyday looks with pops of red, creating a fresh finish that revives any outfit.

Lucy Williams styles red loafers from The Row

We’ve seen red ballet flats take the lead in recent months, but this season, fashion insiders are taking the trend a step further and buying red flats in all shapes and forms. From sturdy red loafers to sexy red slingbacks to bright red trainers, the red shoe trend is definitely on (flat) feet. Not only that, but chili red has also been a major trend across clothing and bags for the past two seasons. I feel that by the end of March fashion month, it will be confirmed that it will continue into the fall/winter of 2024. We’ll be sure to update you once the show happens, but we plan to follow the trend for the rest of the year.

Claudia Beresford styles red sweatshirt

Elevating the mood of a simple jeans and T-shirt look, on-trend red flats pair well with a white cotton dress or light linen pants for summer. For those in the know, we’ve gathered some fresh inspiration and the best red flats you can buy right now. Please read my edit below.

Check out the red flat shoe trends:

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