The Kindeman Remedy coming to PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on April 11

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Publisher 3D Realms and developer Troglobytes Games release ‘blasphemous’ management simulation game Kindemann therapy The companies announced that it will be available for $7.99 on April 11th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Kindemann therapy First released for PC. vapor November 16, 2023.

Here’s a synopsis of the game from the store page:


The most blasphemous, diabolical and insane management game ever made.

Dr. Karl Kindemann lost everything. Despised and hated by the entire medical community for his “questionable” methods, he accepts a miserable job in a gruesome prison.

But that’s all part of the plan. Here he will regain his lost reputation. No one here notices his experiments.

Main features

  • Be a monster – Dr. Kindeman will do anything to restore his reputation. anything. Do whatever you want with the prisoners. Just let them die screaming in the electric chair, or save them… for later research. Melt their bones, burn their intestines, or simply bite them to death. You are a genius, but they are just your guinea pigs. It feels good to be bad…but do you have the stomach to endure it?
  • Doctor, manage your laboratory – Being an evil doctor is hard work. Upgrade and use 8 different rooms, manage your resources, play with poisons, drugs, and dangerous substances, and conduct secret experiments. There is a lot to deal with, but you are not alone. Sister Anna is there for you. everytime. And always be ready to do what the doctor tells you to do.
  • Story-driven madness with multiple endings – A dark story with complex characters adds depth to this heartbreaking experience, raises disturbing moral questions and shows the other side of evil: humanity. Multiple endings and unlockable events make the game replayable, putting Anna and Karl’s fate in the hands of the player. It’s up to you whether you fail or win.
  • endless mode – You can’t stop science! Endless mode is for those who love a serious challenge. Carry out all kinds of malicious deeds to achieve various goals while avoiding Mr. Black’s ever-watching eyes. Choose the best time to administer poisons, IVs, and use secret rooms. be careful. One wrong step and it’s over.

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