The Five Worst Things to Put Down a Garbage Disposal, According to Plumbers

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A garbage disposal machine is a useful tool.users can crush leftover food and send it down the drain, ultimately flushing it into the sewer or septic tank. But while it’s nice to flush stuck-on food down the drain, garbage disposals can’t handle everything we throw at them.

we We recently spoke with five experienced plumbers from around the country to learn more about what’s safe and what’s not safe to put in your landfill.. All plumbers gave similar answers. So if you’re stuck with one of these five at your disposal, stop now.

The 5 worst things about garbage dumps

1.Egg shell

Contrary to popular belief, eggshells will not sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal. “Egg shells are often thought to be a good thing to dispose of, but surprisingly they can form oily granules that can make the blockage problem even worse.” A. Fagundes Plumbing and Heating.

Unless you’re interested in egg shells gradually accumulating and eventually causing blockages, start throwing empty shells into the trash or compost bin.

2. Starchy foods

Most people know that pouring oil down the drain is a big no-no, but not everyone understands the damage that starchy foods can do. According to Roy Burns, service force pipingThe day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for plumbers, as potato peels and starchy leftovers clog drains.

“Garbage disposers are very effective at grinding starch into a sticky paste. The finer it grinds, the stickier the dirt will be,” he says. For safe use and to prevent blockages, do not place potatoes, potato skins, or pasta in the waste.

3. Grease, oil, animal fat

Greases of all kinds, including oils and animal fats (such as bacon lard), can clog drains. Do not place these in the garbage or throw them down the drain. “If the grease is a liquid, it may seem like a good idea to pour it down the drain, but as it cools it will solidify and cause blockages,” advises Chris Palmer. Raptor Rooter and plumbing.

Even if the grease doesn’t cause a clog right away, some of it will stick to the inside of the pipe, and then other food debris will stick to it, gradually building up until the drain can no longer pass through.

4. Fibrous vegetables

Fibrous vegetables are good for you, but not so good for your garbage disposal.jimmy hiller happy hillerA multi-state company that does plumbing and HVAC work says, “Avoid fibrous or stringy foods such as celery, corn husks, onion skins, and artichokes. may become entangled and cause a blockage.”

Throw any leftover vegetables in the compost bin or trash can to keep the blades sharp and prevent blockages.

5. Coffee grounds

One of the most controversial items you should never throw down the drain is coffee plantation. Some TikTokers claim that adding coffee grounds eliminates bad odors and makes garbage disposal blades easier to sharpen, but you can’t always believe what you see on social media. According to the expert plumbers we interviewed, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Throwing away coffee grounds may make your sink smell better, but it creates a slimy paste that sticks to your drains and eventually causes backflow.

What can you do at a garbage dump?

Save the garbage disposal for small bits of food that fall off the plates when you rinse them. Throw everything else in the trash or compost bin. This will prevent costly (and inconvenient) plumbing emergencies.

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