The best watches of 2023, as picked by our readers

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Borna Bosniak

As with previous years, 2023 was full of amazing watch releases.But how does he choose only one? Of course there is democracy, and then a little Of course, you are also influenced by your social media accounts.. That’s exactly what we did! Last week, we asked our viewers what they thought were the best releases of the year, shared their answers in an Instagram post, and rounded up our favorites. To choose the final winner, we tallied up all the comments and quickly found a clear winner. Without further ado, here are the 2023 Time+Tide Community Awards for the best watches of the year.

(Abnormal) Usual Suspects


Guys, you’re a winner. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Chronograph. Did you see this coming? Certainly not. First of all, the Reverso has always been a special choice, often undervalued due to its longevity and glacial pace of design evolution. The Tribute collection, especially the Chrono, was a breath of fresh air.

Zack Brass Pick Daytona Le Mans JLC Reverso

Its design is at its pinnacle, and despite its double-sided chronograph, its height is just 11.14 mm. A common complaint about this watch was its eye-watering price tag, but that didn’t seem to matter to viewers or editors, and Zack’s love for the watch is well documented. It won over 32% of the total votes and won an overwhelming victory over the competition.

tudor black bay 54
tudor black bay 54

It wasn’t like I was competing against a bad watch either. The Black Bay 54 was an unexpected successor to the 58 released in last year’s Watches & Wonders, but its 37mm size instantly attracted a lot of people (more precisely about 21% of readers).

bb54 pick

The clean design and reduced size clearly left some marks. As most enthusiasts know, the idea of ​​an “exit watch” is hotly debated, and the Black Bay 54 crossed @sector18leatherworks’ mind.

Longines Zulu Time 25May2023 32551 Scale

From one tool-tastic watch to the next, and it was one that really surprised me. But when I thought a little more about my time with the Longines Spirit Zulu Time, I began to realize what a truly great watch this is. My conclusion there was that this was a clear sign of Longines moving into the luxury market. And while I still believe that there seem to be a number of times when Longines was on a step between Tissot and Tudor, the brand is now clearly competing with the latter.


Longines Zulu Time 39 Pick

The 13% turnout is a clear sign that Longines has a winner on its hands, and @sushi4tea sums it up very well in the comments, but I have one question. Has he reached the point where he considers a starting price of A$5,000 to be affordable?

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1

The long-named Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1 was the last of the “big four” of small experiments and received 7% of the votes. There’s no doubt that the brand’s collaboration with Swatch brought Fifty Fathoms to the attention of even more enthusiasts, but the 70th anniversary release (minus perhaps the giant Tech Gombessa) is the first time Blancpain has brought Fifty Fathoms to the attention of a smaller size. It showed a willingness to become something that die-hard fans have been begging for for years. This size of 42.3mm has many asking Blancpain not to reserve it only for limited editions.The 40mm suite has not yet hit the spot, but who knows? No – progress is progress, right?

Chapek Place Vendôme accomplice

The first four watches accounted for over 70% of the total votes, with the rest split almost evenly between the Czapek Place Vendome Complicite, the TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver, and the Chopard Alpine Eagle Sunburnt.

Select viewer suggestions

TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glass Box Black Dial Close-up

Among the suggestions provided in the original post, Glassbox was certainly a bit omitted. Don’t get me wrong. The Night Driver is a cool take on the iconic chronograph, but the Carrera Glassbox brings something truly innovative with its non-limited edition.

TAG Heuer Carrera Glass Box Pick

People noticed it right away, and Glassbox received quite a bit of criticism.

Tudor Pelago FXD Black 14

If the above releases are any indication of how good they are, there were only a few mentions of Rolex. As Zack previously suggested, they were primarily interested in the new Daytona Le Mans, but interestingly it was on par with the Tudor Pelagos FXD in voting numbers.

Rolex Daytona Le Mans Pick

I’d like to say that I’m not a fan of modern Rolex (it’s true, I swear), but the Daytonal Le Mans is a very cool watch. But so is stable mental health, and I feel like trying to get that near a retail store is going to compromise that.

Simone Brett Chronometer Artisans

High-end independent artists were also loved, with Bernelon and Simon Brett each receiving several accolades. In fact, I chose the Chronometer She Artisan as my favorite watch of the year, so my personal opinion is quite biased.

Simon Brett Pick

So, could you please take a look? AP-trained watchmakers agree with me. That’s enough for me. Cheers, Mr. Kito.

Accutron DNA Casino 1

To conclude this roundup, we’d like to share with you some real unpopular opinions that don’t often occur on the internet. Likewise, as always, this in no way invalidates @talalquadri’s opinion.

Bulova Accutron DNA

The Accutron DNA is one of those rare examples of retro-futuristic design done right, with a thoroughly modern shape that pays homage to the original watch.

unusual choice

I’ll leave a comment for @taywatchsf – I’m sure you’re talking about the Ulysse Nardin freak. right?

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