T-Pain Confirms He’s Working on GTA 6, Says He Can’t Role-Play in GTA 5 Anymore as a Result

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Singer-songwriter Faheem Rashad Najm, better known as T-Pain, is living out his dream of working on Grand Theft Auto VI with Rockstar Games. But T-Pain’s new job seems to have some unexpected consequences.

In a livestream clip that went viral on social media, T-Pain confirmed that he is contributing to Rockstar’s long-awaited sequel, which will finally be released in 2023. But in the process of bringing in T-Pain, Rockstar appears to have asked him to quit the role – NoPixel — his popular GTA 5 roleplay that runs on third-party servers, and to play on his server. Masu.

At least one fan noticed that T-Pain was no longer on the server and asked what happened.

“I used to use NoPixel, but then I started working on GTA VI. And they said they can’t do RP anymore because it goes against RP… They did something like this I kept giving speeches like, “What do you do when someone takes away what’s yours?” I said, “I made an album and re-recorded it, and more people started listening to it.” I-I kind of get it, but I had a good time. All right, that’s it,” T-Pain said.

Interestingly, Rockstar continued to employ modding teams behind its roleplay servers, including FiveM and RedM, an irony not lost on T-Pain.

“Then I started working on the game with them, and then they teamed up with the people who make the RP, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what? What the hell?…Y ” “Everyone says I can’t do that, so I team up with people who enable RP?” T-Pain said with a laugh.

T-Pain didn’t go into detail about how he’s specifically contributing to GTA VI. IGN has reached out to Rockstar Games for comment.

…They kept giving speeches like this, “What if someone took your album and rerecorded it and more people heard it?”

T-Pain has been role-playing on NoPixel since at least 2021, when fans noticed he was whitelisted. According to his wiki on the server, the idea behind NoPixel is to “speak, act, and progress as the character you’re playing.” The idea is to “create an immersive experience where players and viewers alike can experience stories and situations in what is essentially another world.” GTA RP has been described as “essentially a giant long-running improv show” and has become a popular way to play among some fans.

Not much is known about GTA VI at this point, but it looks like RP could play a key role in the upcoming sequel. But for now, Rockstar Games is choosing to focus on the single-player story shown in the first trailer.

We’re sure to learn even more before GTA VI’s 2025 release date. But in the meantime, many fans, not just T-Pain, are still playing on his GTA V role-playing server. Check out GTFM for more information. On this show, we share theories about GTA VI and talk to former Rockstar developers about what’s next. We’ve also included all his GTA rankings so far.

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