Syra Health scores third contract in Virginia to create healthcare workforce

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Shira HealthA healthcare technology company that provides tools to analyze population health announced it has won its third contract in Virginia to support the staff of health care workers in Fairfax County.

The Indiana-based company provides workforce management, including recruitment, assessment, talent processing centers, apprenticeships, communication tools, performance analysis, compliance monitoring, training, certification, and career coaching.

Through Saira’s contract with Fairfax County, the company will staff licensed nurses to provide 24-hour nursing care and assist the county in filling other temporary health care positions.

This agreement expires on June 30, 2028, but may be renewed for an additional two years.

The Fairfax County contract is the company’s third in Virginia. In September, the company signed a contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections to provide temporary medical staff. Previously, it partnered with the state Department of General Services to provide medical staff throughout the state.

“Our commitment to strengthening health care goes beyond traditional models. By providing a top-notch clinical staff, we are committed to contributing to Fairfax County’s commitment to providing quality health services to our communities. ” said Sandeep Alam, Executive Chairman and President of Syra Health. said in a statement.

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Syra Health also partners with public health departments to analyze population health.

In November, Syra Health A five-year, $275,000 contract to study the implementation of the City of San Antonio’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) project.

REACH is established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) project is managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The City of San Antonio will expand HHS’s Healthy Neighborhoods Program to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities, including chronic conditions among certain populations with high disease burdens in rural, urban, and tribal communities. We hired Syra.

In January, the Indiana-based company A one-year, $480,000 contract to assess how existing risks to public health in the home region impact public health infrastructure and behavioral health.

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