Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: The Kotaku Review

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After years of trailers, delays, controversies, and leaks, Rocksteady’s massive live-service, open-world, villain-themed DC third-person shooter is finally here.Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League-Finally it came out(For rarel). The story that has formed around this game over the past few years has grown into something as big and epic as a superhero movie.Some people want it Suicide Squad It collides and burns up. Others want it to be successful, hoping that Rocksteady will make something great, a game worth spending their money and time on. Sadly, like many modern superhero movies, the story’s ending is anti-climactic and fails to satisfy both the bloodthirsty and the fun-filled. Instead, what we have here is decidedly middle-of-the-road.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Rocksteady, the makers of the popular game, aren’t the only ones developing it. arkham It’s not just a game, it’s set in the same world.The game takes place several years after the end. arkham knight. Batman faked his death and headed to Metropolis to join the Justice League and become super-friends with Wonder Woman, Superman, the Flash, and Green Lantern. Things are going well until Brainiac and his alien minions arrive and mind control everyone except Wonder Woman, turning the powerful heroes against their planet. Now, as the name of the game suggests, it’s up to Justice to save the world by defeating his league, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Deadshot (his DC supervillain with a bomb implanted in his head). It depends on

on the other hand, Suicide SquadWhile the story didn’t really surprise me or break any new ground for the superhero genre, it’s still a well-written comic adventure with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. is. It also helps that every character in the game is fleshed out with their own goals, flaws, personalities, and emotions, even those who have little involvement in the action.

WB Game/Game Spot

As you might expect, Harley, Deadshot, King Shark, and Boomerang are getting the most attention. Rocksteady did a great job of not only visually capturing these characters with some of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen in this generation, but also making them feel unique. Each character on the team also has their own arc, and they intertwine throughout the game, so by the end I was completely sold on the underdog misfits coming together to save the day. . It’s also why both the game’s gorgeous cutscenes and open-world conversations during gameplay are peppered with solid jokes and heartfelt moments of reflection and growth.

But hey, is this game talkative! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had up to three different conversations going on at the same time, sometimes overlapping each other, or completely cutting off something important or interesting. To the game’s credit, I didn’t hear much repetitive chat, but sadly, while the team was chatting about one thing, I was shooting a drone and talking about another. I missed a lot of things because it triggered a conversation and ended the game. Something that had already happened.Still, even if the dialogue overlaps, it is not too much bad. What’s bad is pretty much everything else between the dialogue and cutscenes.

again and again…

Suicide Squad”Main features of the campaign A powerful and impressive intro This quickly establishes the “heroes” and explains how the team’s boss, Amanda Waller, controls them and sets the stakes for the invasion. I was immediately charmed by this confident and perfectly paced first few hours. However, things quickly go downhill as the game opens up more and gives you the freedom to be a digital city. Do you like defending locations, shooting crystals, or saving people? Well, we hope so. Because that’s basically all there is to this game aside from the intro and a few boss fights.

structure of Suicide Squad Watch cool cutscenes, learn what the next step is in your plan to save the world, and then perform the kinds of missions you’ve done before, in new locations and with new enemies. perhaps. Repeat this for about 15-20 hours depending on how much side content you check out for the game. (However, keep in mind that all of the side content in this game other than Riddler Challenges are the same types of missions you do in the main his campaign.)

it’s an achievement Suicide SquadI never got bored during most of these missions, thanks to the wonderfully satisfying combat. But I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed protecting the same plants and destroying the same crystals over and over again. At one point, I was tasked with escorting a slow vehicle through a dangerous area. Escort missions are usually not auspicious, but after playing for 10 hours it was a whole new type of mission. I was excited! And the same type of mission occurred many times after that. (Yes, escort missions are still the worst.)

To make matters worse, Rocksteady seems to realize how boring this is, adding annoying modifiers to some missions that force players to complete the mission in a certain way. The problem is that these mods (like enemies dying with only grenades) may not fit my character’s build. When playing solo, he can switch between all four playable villains at any point in the open world, but during a mission he becomes stuck with the person who started the mission. This made some missions extremely frustrating.

That’s a shame, because like I said, the combat in this game is great. Top notch shit. Guns feel dangerous and noisy. Blasting the purple alien monster with a sniper rifle and setting the monster and nearby enemies on fire was still fun even after doing it 200 times. Also, big shout out to the shotgun in this game.They destroy the enemy and feel can’t believe it. I also enjoyed the mobility of each squad member, including King Shark, a large tank-like character. Flying around as a giant shark with a chain gun or jetpacking as Deadshot in the middle of a massive firefight, even if you’ve done the same mission many times before. Even if there is, it’s fun.

screenshot: WB Game/Kotaku

There’s also a lot to dig into about the game’s combat system. Attribute afflictions, different stats you can modify, perks you can unlock, attributes you can improve, how to regain your shield, how to counter enemy attacks using precisely timed special moves, and more to keep in mind There are many things to do. Both during and outside of battle. While it can feel overwhelming at times, I think most players will be able to choose a few powerful guns, upgrade them as needed, and do just fine. But for those who are really into the game and want to create the perfect build with lots of synergies. Suicide Squad Provides more than enough options.

Interestingly, it can be ignored, at least most of the time. Suicide Squad is a live service always online shooter game. I played the entire game solo and didn’t encounter any server disconnections, with one exception. The game also doesn’t bother you with messages that tell you to “Join online and play with your buddies” or lock content to form clans or play with others. . For a long time, it felt to me to be a good enough game with live service elements that I could participate in if I wanted, but it didn’t affect my experience at all.

And when we reached the end of the game, things changed.

Suicide Squad I will hide my true identity until the end

Before the credits rolled, as the game was building to the climactic encounter with Brainiac, I realized that there were actually 13 Brainiacs across the multiverse and that it would take all of them to save the day. I was told it needed to be killed. To do this, players must: Suicide Squad‘s endgame consists of repeated missions and boss fights that earn you currency that allows you to challenge new Brainiacs in different universes. What happens when you arrive? Before you fight Brainiac, you’ll need to complete a few more of the same missions you’ve been repeating for hours. Oh, and the final battle with Brainiac (spoiler) is a reskinned version of the boss fight with Flash from earlier in the game. Woof woof woof. credit roll.

Instead of ending with a victory proving that our team is more than just dirtbags; Suicide Squad The ending is “You’ll have to play for months to really complete the mission. Be prepared to play the same shit over and over again.” It robs the game of a dramatic and satisfying ending, and Reveal its true nature to everyone. This is an eternal game. Live service shooter. WB and Rocksteady want you to play this game for a long time, while also wanting you to buy up the skins and battle passes so that this very expensive bet pays off. It’s a very bitter sound to end a game on.

The screenshot shows Deadshot shooting a purple alien.

screenshot: WB Game/Kotaku

Indeed, the combat is some of the best third-person shooter action I’ve played in years. And the story, cutscenes, and script are just as compelling as the rest. arkham game.

Still, unfortunately, Suicide Squad It had to be something bigger than a 12-15 hour single-player adventure. It had to be a live-service video game that could support months, or even years, of content. The game does a good job of hiding this fact for most of its runtime, but by the end it’s revealed and impossible to ignore. This assumes that you get to the end and don’t get tired of the same six missions of his being copied and pasted all over the city, filling in and creating content. Suicide Squad It feels bigger than it actually is.

lastly, Suicide Squad It’s just… it’s okay. Are you okay. Not surprising. It’s not a train wreck. Those hoping for this game to be a complete disaster will be disappointed when they discover a perfectly good shooter only to succumb to broken live services at the end. And for those who want something they can play with for years, we hope they like shooting purple crystals over and over again.

Suicide Squad is the epitome of the kind of game that exists between great and terrible. That might be enough for some people, but I can’t imagine any developer working hard on this. Suicide Squad (or publisher WB, who paid for the game) wanted it all to end with the equivalent of a shrug emoji. Still, here we are. At least shotguns are cool.


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