Six Week Invisalign Update: Permanent Low-Key Crossness

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It’s been 6 weeks since I started Invisalign treatment (read this (in case you need to catch up on why I’m doing it) And despite a relatively drama-free experience so far, I’ve had this week’s most persistent mild cases ever in my life. I noticed that I never felt any discomfort – moderate intersectionality. It’s a very subtle, subtle kind of cross, an almost imperceptible level of irritation that goes unnoticed by most people, but still. It’s there and rarely leaves me.

However, before I continue, especially for those who are considering Invisalign and are hesitant, I think it’s important to realize the following: unusual When dealing with small problems in life. For some reason, I always seemed to have a heightened awareness of what was or could be frustrating in the world around me. I guess you could say I’m good at encountering contradictions because I subconsciously try to find them. Unless I’m at home in the silence of a sensory deprivation tank (I never move again, by the way), I’m almost guaranteed to find something that annoys me. The guy in the supermarket wearing squeaky sweatshirts, the guy on the train who keeps clicking his iPhone even though he hasn’t turned off his keyboard, the gardener at a fancy (supposedly relaxing) hotel, at 8 a.m. I think it is appropriate to use a leaf blower.

Other people seem able to easily ignore these things and move on with their lives. They can coexist with flies, being able to ignore the flies that try to slam into the window sill when they open the window and try to escape. The wind knocks on the garden gate, or the dishwasher beeps every eight minutes to let you know it’s done. On the other hand, I can’t do that. I must immediately correct these perceived attacks on myself. If you don’t, you can go from mild irritation to full-blown debilitation within about four minutes. Obviously I’m British so if the incident in question concerns another person I’d rather die than confront them directly about what they’re doing – until they get the message I just It just makes me sigh loudly – but in almost every other scenario, I take quick action to neutralize the threat to my calm, quiet life.

I would be happy if someone was a good candidate for therapy.

Well, now that I’ve proven how completely intolerant I am when it comes to external stimuli, you can decide for yourself how seriously you want to take the complaints I’m about to make about Invisalign aligners…

Questions about Invisalign

1 – Pain.

I think you’ll be happy to know that the aligners didn’t cause any major pain. Perhaps I was blessed with a high pain threshold to compensate for the fact that my stimulation threshold was comically low. Or maybe my teeth just haven’t started moving much yet. But only twice have I taken a few paracetamol tablets, laid down and said, “Mommy has a headache.” To be honest, I love the “Mommy Headache Sessions”. Especially when I don’t have many headaches. Are you illegally falling asleep during the day? Children cared for by Grand Uncle iPad? bring it on.

of minor But what about the pain part? It’s a bit troublesome. A slight, continuous feeling of pressure is felt from the upper jaw to the sides of the face. I feel very tired, as if PMT has started. Some days are worse than others, but it’s almost always there. However, I was suffering from much worse pain, including a sore tongue and a bitten lip. My mouth seems to know what it’s doing now and has softened a bit, but at first I applied a thick layer of Bonjela. the entire inside of the mouth.

2 – Speech changes.

The whole slippery/speech change thing I was worried about? From a third-person perspective, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It doesn’t seem that noticeable unless almost all of my family and friends are outright lying to me. Yes, when my elderly aunt called and asked if I was drunk, the hairdresser said, “Oh, I thought she had a speech impediment,” but aside from that…

But from my point of view, I’m still not convinced. It’s not that I’m embarrassed by the way I speak, it’s relatively clear, just a slight lisp on the repeated “s” sound (don’t make me read it out loud). Rather, it feels like you’re talking. They have more difficult jobs. Tired. My mouth must probably have to work harder to form the same sounds I’ve been forming since childhood, and when I speak without aligners it has to go back to its original way. It won’t.

Now you can give a big French shrug and say, Tantopis None of these annoyances are permanent, because it’s not a big deal, but on the other hand, I have a job that requires me to talk in front of a camera for a good portion of my working time. So I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice it at all. It hurt my confidence a little bit. For a person who rarely locks himself in the office and has no problems showing off at every opportunity, this is a shock…

3 – Dry mouth.

I had never felt dry mouth before. 43 – Never a dry mouth! Even when Rich and I went to the Isle of Skye for an impromptu 15-mile walk (this was before we had kids), we had two small cartons of Strawberry Ribena. But then the sun came out and burned us and civilization was non-existent. As we looked around, I seriously thought I might die of thirst and heat exhaustion. after that My mouth wasn’t that dry. It’s not as dry as the dry, wrinkled wasteland of a mouth with invisible aligners. Dear God. I was surprised to see that the inside of the cheek was not fused to the gums, the cheek was not fused to the tongue, and the tongue was not fused to the lips.

Yes, I bought a special moisturizing mouth spray (it helps with the symptoms a bit and it smells nice, like a mouthwash, so it’s refreshing between brushes), and yes, I increased my water intake. But still. I had never known anything like that before. Sometimes, if she speaks for more than 20 seconds at a time (especially outdoors), her lips will curl up and stick to her gums. You have to spread it manually. That must be pretty alarming to the people I’m talking to.

By week 6, I’m either completely used to this dry mouth, or it’s gone away on its own, but I don’t know which. In any case, it wasn’t a debilitating side effect by any stretch of the imagination.

4 – Eat, Brush, Starve Routine.

Well, here we come to the big question.It should probably be below big trouble Because this is the main source of my constant low-key disgust. But there is always someone ready to point out what the “real” serious annoyance is. “Wait until you have no teeth, then you can complain, mark my words!”

So here’s the Eat-Brush-Starve routine. I don’t know if you know this or not, depending on whether you wear these invisible braces or not, but you cannot eat or drink (you cannot ingest anything but water) with your braces on. Must Brush your teeth thoroughly (without toothpaste) before putting your aligners back in. This is great first thing in the morning and after dinner. We’re going to do it anyway, but who’s going to do it? Want more brushing?

Not me.

Specifically, the reason I got Invisalign in the first place is because my front teeth are worryingly thin (paper-like!) and need them fixed. Why do we need to spend a year grinding down our teeth with regular brushing? Therefore, I try to only brush my teeth once during lunch. But this resulted in a catastrophic situation – Devastating, I tell you – Influences my usual free-spirited approach to eating. I’m a herbivore. I don’t often eat a big lunch, I eat half lunch and then spread out the rest throughout the day. For example, cheese and biscuits at 3:30, cold sausages when the kids are having tea, and a fun time when we adults sit in front of the TV at about 8 o’clock and eat the most delicious thing we’ve ever eaten. may lead me to Cooked from scratch with love.

I also loved drinking herbal tea in the middle of the morning. It was a few pieces of expensive chocolate, a bit of cake, something I found lying around, and sometimes he even ate an apple. Always Apple, Pink Lady, refreshing and slightly tart, I took it when I was feeling a lull or needed a distraction in the kitchen.

All this is lost to me!Yes, you can add these pieces to your lunch and eat a normal sized lunch at the same time like a normal person, but I don’t want everything at the same time! I would like to send out more and more things like this! I need a meal break. Breaks give you goals throughout the day to work towards. If you don’t take a break, you’ll be lost at sea.

I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I can imagine that people who drink tea or coffee might have similar feelings. Use these drinks to accent your day. It is given almost as a small reward at the end of each section of the activity. good. Imagine drinking these hot drinks only at mealtimes. It will definitely cause a revolt! (In fact, if I couldn’t live without tea and coffee, I would choose fixed braces over Invisalign without a doubt. (It will become unbearable.)

A side effect of not grazing is that they appear smaller. It’s all a little Willy Wonka-like in that every time you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, you get just a little bit smaller. I started adding more chocolate at the end of my meals. that Obviously the most nutritious fix…haha!

So, a little complaint.6 weeks left, 26 weeks left. it is That’s only if they haven’t lied to me about the length of my treatment. I can imagine someone poking and shaking their head at my mouth scan when I arrive at the end of my predicted time. Just like when a builder estimates the cost of a loft conversion, then suddenly it’s going to take another 12 weeks…

I hope it will be completed by next Christmas.I’ve already done one Zero from the mouth (In between meals) It’s the holiday season and I really don’t feel like doing anything else. Not being able to eat a piece of cheese every hour on the hour for 10 days in a row really put a damper on my festive style.

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