Roger Goodell’s solution to concussion issue: Bury head in sand

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The NFL appears to be caught in the middle when it comes to player health and safety.

When reporting on recently unsealed depositions related to the league. concussion lawsuit settlementFront Office Sports said the NFL is “in a position to straddle the question of causation,” but “doesn’t want to acknowledge that playing football can lead to lifelong cognitive problems.” No,” he said.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell questioned the link between concussions sustained during sports and long-term brain damage.

“I think there’s still considerable uncertainty around the issue of causation,” he said during a nine-hour deposition on July 13, 2022, which was unsealed Saturday. “Everyone knows there are risks in playing soccer and other sports. Walking down the street is dangerous.”

Thousands of former players have been awarded $1.3 billion in damages, but one of the insurance companies suing to avoid paying the costs of the 2016 settlement is not trying to establish a causal link between the two parties. The NFL claims it should not have settled because there is no scientific evidence to show it. Concussion and brain injury, according to FOS.

Although a causal relationship has not been scientifically proven, it is generally accepted that: Single or repeated mild traumatic brain injuries (such as concussions) can cause short-term effects and increase the risk of long-term neurodegenerative diseases such as CTE and Alzheimer’s disease.

League is even found an increase in concussions in sports.

“The league’s position remains unchanged. As the Commissioner has testified and said for years, the health and safety of our players is the NFL’s top priority,” the league said in a statement to FOS. “The NFL has made and continues to make significant strides to make the game safer for players through rule changes, equipment advances, and donations and support for important scientific and medical research. ing.”

Goodell was also asked about former players who died by suicide and called for their brains to be studied.

“I think it would be a benefit for us to have players who want to participate in the research necessary to advance science,” the commissioner said. “Obviously, the situation is incredibly unfortunate.

“If there’s research and we can study the brain…I hope we find something good out of it. That’s how science advances. Obviously, as I said, The unfortunate circumstances of a person who commits suicide are horrifying in themselves, but there are probably many factors involved.”

Goodell also took umbrage at media coverage of head injuries.

“They are making false statements and misrepresenting facts, and in doing so they are adding to the unfair and baseless narrative,” he said.

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