Raúl Pagès Wins the Inaugural Louis Vuitton Prize for Independent Creatives with his RP1 Régulateur à Détente: Here’s Why

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Congratulations Raul Pagès Towards victory in 2024 Louis Vuitton Independent Creative Award with him RP1 Regulation of de-escalation. The prize includes a hefty grant of €150,000 and 12 months of mentoring. La Fabric du Temps Louis Vuitton.

Raul Pagès

Raul Pages is a Swiss independent watchmaker (designer and restorer of movements). He completed his degree as a watchmaker restorer in antique watchmaking with honors in 2005 and a designer degree in watch complications in 2006 at his CIFOM in Le Locle. Pagès is an accomplished musician and a lover of art history and his 20th century.th-A century of design history.

In 2012, he founded his own business to manufacture 352 of his own components. Torchu Automaton Completely by hand. Based on this experience, he designed and produced his first watch in 2016. plain onyxlimited edition of 10 pieces.

In 2022, Pagès launches the RP1 Regulator détente. this is, detent escapement.

In 2017 he became a member of Academy of Independent Watchmaking (AHCI).

Raul Pagès Regulator of Détente RP1: Innovative Tradition

The evolutionary tree is filled with branches from which life has diverged and taken different paths to fill different ecological niches. this is, phylogenetic lineage A common ancestor and common characteristics that evolved before species diverged from each other. You can track the development of unique traits found only in a limited group of animals, or traits found in almost all living things.
Tracking is how some organisms branched out early, had no close relatives, and then remained more or less the same for millions or even billions of years (or even all close relatives). It also helps us understand whether a species has become extinct.

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However, the tree of life is full of evolutionary solitary species that are the only members of its branches. A good example is Homo sapiens, also known as humans.genus homo It emerged more than 2 million years ago, diverged from other members of the taxonomic family. hominid (Today, these include orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and humans).

There were many things homo It included species such as Homo erectus, Homo habilis, and Homo neanderthalensis, many of which existed at the same time.

Eventually, all other species became extinct, leaving only Homo sapiens on a lone branch of evolution. Without the success of Homo sapiens, one might wonder if the divergence of a single species was a sign of an evolutionary impasse, but this is clearly not the case.

Raul Pagès Detente Regulator

The same goes for unrelated clock inventions, such as the detent escapement. In a sense, it’s isolated at a unique juncture in mechanical evolution, endangered, but it’s still alive and well, thanks in part to independent watchmaker Raul Pagès, who just released a new piece. . Regulation of de-escalation RP1.

With its clean, minimalist design, the Régulator à Détente RP1 introduces the Pages perspective. detent escapement And it shows that there is still potential for evolution.


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