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In spring, minimalist makeup comes into its own and fresh spring skin and natural glow are back in the spotlight. But how easy is it to have flawless skin and look like you just rolled out of bed?! Achieve that effortless beauty with natural-looking minimalist makeup! There are some essentials that can help. This season, embrace your natural beauty and let your skin take center stage with this understated and chic approach to beauty.

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The minimalist makeup trend aims to emphasize natural features and achieve a fresh, understated look. It is important to give the skin a glow and use make-up not to hide your features, but to subtly emphasize them. Here are my top tips for looking great at home.

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condition the skin

You should be used to me saying this by now. Great makeup starts with great skin. Start a good skin care routine to ensure your skin is well hydrated and smooth before applying makeup, and support this with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water. Masu.

Less is better

When applying makeup, try not to use too many cosmetics. Use a light hand to gradually build up the product to maintain a natural look.

Enhance functionality

Instead of trying to change your features, use makeup to enhance what you already have. This means adding a little highlight to your cheekbones and adding a little mascara to define your eyes, rather than dramatically sculpting or overlining your lips.

make it simple

To perfectly complement your minimalist makeup aesthetic, use a neutral color palette consisting of soft, earthy tones for your eyes and lips.

minimal makeup shopping list

  1. Yves Saint Laurent | Nu Bare Look Tint Skin Tint Foundation
  2. Sarah Chapman | Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 50+ – Perfecting Tint
  3. Super cheek | Cream blush (French raspberry)
  4. Milk Makeup | Sunshine Under Eye Tint + Brightening
  5. Glossy | Perfect your skin tone
  6. Westman Atelier | Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm
  7. Charlotte Tilbury | Legendary Eyebrows – Dark Brown

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