Pikachu’s latest music video cameo sees him be abducted by a man in a big hat’s techno spaceship

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Hello. It’s Friday as I write this. A new music video featuring a cameo appearance by Pikachu has come into our lives. In case you were wondering, the movie shows him being kidnapped by a spaceship piloted by his DJ wearing a big hat, which is a lot of fun. is.

Yes, I’m serious, the Pokemon Company has officially confirmed this event – perhaps the last few still trying will ask the company to say something about Palworld that isn’t just “investigating” It may just be to ensure that you stop. Well, get ready. I don’t know if you’re ready for all the ramifications that the story this video tells can have.

First off, the song itself is called “Never Be Lonely,” and it features DJ and songwriter Jax Jones performing with singer Zoe Weese. The former’s name may be familiar to Pokemon veterans, as he was one of the artists featured on the 2021 album released to commemorate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

He’s also the guy with the big hat you read about in the headlines, but let’s be honest, that’s about the most mundane aspect of this new video of his. As you know, it’s set in a “future world” where Jones and Wees perform in a spaceship shaped like a stadium. Pikachu was having trouble sleeping in a park on Earth, and I don’t know why, but he may have been in a tough spot after Satoshi left him after an argument and took away the other Pokémon, but… When he was abducted by a spaceship in typical UFO fashion.

Once beamed up, the little yellow lad joins Jones and Wees on stage. He is completely unfazed by the situation and just starts having fun with the pairs and dancers, perhaps because he thinks that if he can somehow fit into their culture and imitate them, they won’t look into him. unknown.

Then, just as the song ends, he unleashes a cheeky lighting attack that would blow every fuse in the stadium, but it doesn’t. Because, let’s not forget, this is a music video, not real life. Just to be clear, Pikachu will not be sent back to Earth. So this is basically a kidnapping case that may still be in progress.

“This collaboration with Zoe Weese and Pikachu is a dream come true for me,” Jones says of the video. “‘Never Be Lonely’ is a sonic journey into the heart of music and friendship, and we’re honored to have Pikachu join us on this adventure.” ”

I say yes, but when do you plan on returning this poor creature to its home planet? Alas, the Hatter is never going to answer me, even if I give his earworm paw print a mild 7.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer than originally planned to see Pikachu and his friends from Pokémon Horizons via Netflix. The anime is scheduled to be released in March. Oh, and here are the codes for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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