Photo Report: The Fits, Flash (And Watches) Of Pitti Uomo 2024

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Pitti Uomo, Florence’s bi-annual fashion week and trade fair, is something I look forward to every season because it attracts a steady stream of stylish attendees. And this year was no exception, with the show marking a turnaround in many ways. The full nine-yard approach to the suit is back – yes, including the tie – and one of my favorite subjects of his is Kenji Kaga, owner of the Florentine tie company Tie Your Tie. I was overjoyed. Vintage has always been a part of the offerings at every fashion week, but this season more attendees crossed genres to appreciate more than a decade of vintage with matching watches. .

When it came to watches, there was a sudden shift towards formal, intricate and decorative watches. Tool watches seem to have outlived their usefulness (or maybe they’re just waiting for summer). Similarly, this was also the time when gold and gold watches seemed to really take off. Paolo Penko, Florence’s leading goldsmith, may have something to do with it. Indeed, his popular rings and bracelets, once a mainstay of fashion here, are back with a bang, reflecting the sudden shift from minimalism and practicality to maximal and decorative. Ta. .

This is an Elgin military model from the 1940s.

Jonas and Jonathan from Caine Clothiers.

I love Jonas’ 1993 18k JLC Reverso for its versatility and low profile while traveling.

An early 1950s Lemania chronograph with pulsometer that Jonathan purchased at an auction in Finland and restored.

Angel Ramos, Brian Sakawa, Khalid Nasr.

“I define my style as classic with a modern sensibility, and that’s exactly how I see the Lange 1,” says Brian Sakawa. “It’s versatile. It’s not flashy. But as the kids say, who knows.”

“My favorite watch brand is Lange, always has been, and always will be,” says Khaled Nasr. “For me, this watch is really the starting point for the company. It’s very unique to make a sporty watch like this, and I just loved it once I saw it. That’s why I had to have it. is.”

Nick McCoy and Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition (Top and Bottom).

Legendary Florentine goldsmith Paulo Penko (above and below) wears his father’s Longines.

Author Matt Franek man and his watch and his vintage Rolex Oysterdate (above and below).

Mr. Kenji Chan of Bleiklands.

Chan’s Rolex Datejust.

Tokyo-based designer Ethan Newton and the Rolex Submariner.

Anthony Sylvester is a fashion journalist and designer.

Sylvester’s Rolex Oysterdate Precision.

Kenji Kaga’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Kenji Kaga of Tie Your Tie is based in Florence.

fashion designer

Fashion Editor Cloton.

Crotons Hida Naoya Shokai Type 1D.

Nicholas Rich and his Omega Speedmaster (top and bottom).

Milad Abedi’s Cartier Pasha.

Photographer Milad Abedi (right).

The designer is Nicola Radano.

Ladano’s Rolex Explorer II.

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