Palword’s ‘Pokédex’ has way fewer Pals, and I love it

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catch a pokemon You may feel tired these days. At the time of publication, over 1,000 types of fictional monsters exist. pokemon scarlet and violet Although it doesn’t include a complete National Pokédex, the base game includes 400 Pokémon, and hundreds more if you include monsters added in DLC. Even if you’re trying to complete your dwindling Pokédex, collecting creatures can be a daunting task.Now playing pal world, I can breathe a sigh of relief. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’ve finally been able to “catch them all” with less than 150 of his pals in the game.

pal world A hit game from Japanese indie studio Pocketpair. Before its release, many people described it as a “Pokémon with a gun.” With the developer releasing it in early access, it’s clear that this game is more than just a Pokemon influence. There is climbing and exploration reminiscent of . The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And a mechanism common to survival games. However, one similarity to Pokémon is the inclusion of creatures called Pals. As you explore the world, you can capture cartoon-like monsters and register them in a digital encyclopedia called Pardeck, which is similar to a Pokédex.

My pal deck contains 111 pals (but there are other formats and it could be more). If you just look at the numbers, it’s much less than Pokemon. There’s no need for robots to repeat hundreds of battles to fill out a Pokédex, like in recent Pokémon games. Additionally, there are no “version restrictions”. pal world. Every copy of the game includes every Pal, so it’s actually possible to find and capture every monster without needing other players or setting up deals outside of the game. .

If you have friends who play, it will also help with the collection process.Pokémon has multiplayer features, but online co-op play is pal world Better support playing the entire game with friends from start to finish. Features like guilds allow you to create groups with friends and easily share allies in your settlement. These pals will not be registered as “caught” in your pal deck, but you will be able to see more pals and figure out which ones you need to capture.

An image of Palworld's electric hedgehog friends. There are three of them, and they run while shooting electricity.

Image: pocket pair

catch all pokemon Obviously it’s not impossible – lots of people do it – and I can see why it would appeal to certain players.The repetitive nature of catching Pokemon after pokemon It’s mostly relaxing, but it takes up a huge amount of time. You have to fight and catch them one by one, Some require their own rituals to evolve.For others, trading may be required to obtain exclusive versions or train Pokémon Get ready for challenging battles to catch more powerful monsters.recently scarlet and violet The DLC also requires you to grind in-game points to unlock the appearance of certain Pokemon in the wild.

Don’t get me wrong — pal world There’s still the struggle of catching monsters. Depending on the general degree of each creature, you can capture up to 10 copies of each to gain the experience points needed to unlock the item. You probably won’t be able to assemble the pal deck in a hurry after sitting through it once or twice. Barriers to exploration, such as the level and the type of sphere your pal uses, will guide your entire journey. But so far, I’ve enjoyed the slow and winding process of gradually exploring and discovering Pals one by one, filling out the entire Pal deck. At this rate, I might catch them all.

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