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Summary: Over-built tool watches, versatile gear, and good old American straps

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The Roundup is Windup Watch Shop’s weekly roundup of the latest and greatest in watches, accessories, EDC, and more. Our most popular products fall into the Treat Yourself category, highlighting special watches that are worth the price tag, while our Value Pack Picks celebrate watches that offer excellent value for money. In Upgrade Your Kit, we’ll introduce you to the gadgets you need to carry every day. “When You Have Too Many Watches” describes accessories and peripherals for your watch collection. Last but not least, this week’s sale is a limited time bargain that you won’t want to miss.Don’t forget to join us Windup Watch Shop Benefits Program Earn and collect points with every purchase. Windup teams can also schedule. Consulting or demo We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

This week’s roundup is an exciting mix of sports-focused watches and gear that can stand the test of time. We’ll start with the Ollech & Wajs Navichron chronograph and a completely different kind of chronograph, the Casio DW6900. ADPT’s sleek, modern everyday carry knives and single pass straps make up the highlights of our gear and accessories. Finally, we finish the job with a certified GWG2000 Mudmaster rig. read!

Incorporating modern specifications into a vintage-inspired watch is no mean feat, but Ollech & Wajs have hit a home run. With its reverse panda dial layout, easy-to-read hands and hour markers, and overall functional design, naviclone Not only does it look good, but it also boasts excellent specifications. Incredible water resistance of 500 meters proves this isn’t your grandfather’s sports chronograph (though we’re sure that’s great too). Powered by the venerable Valjoux 7753 automatic caliber, it measures 39.5 mm x 49.5 mm and offers a comfortable wearing experience. There’s a reason why midcentury chronograph designs are timeless. This Naviclone is a perfect example.

This G-Shock is the epitome of old school cool. Based on the 1995 release. DW6900 It has all the features you’d expect from a G-Shock, including a stopwatch, timer, alarm, and calendar, all in style thanks to three small circular “subdials” that are recognizable as a pre-2000 design feature. I can see it. This watch is available for sale in our shop and its attractive value proposition makes it a perfect bargain.

Let’s be honest, Carter is more than meets the eye and is what we’ve come to expect from James Brand. The drop-point shape of the 2.8-inch hex is made from VG-10 steel, and the handle incorporates a reversible and removable clever pocket clip. Weighs only 3 ounces, carter Finished with a modern and delicate scale, it looks cool while providing good grip. Thoughtful design extends to the knife’s mechanism, which is designed for ambidextrous use thanks to a thumb disc that activates the slide-lock mechanism. Additionally, the combination of straight and serrated blades essentially allows him to deliver two knives in one. When it comes to kit upgrades, The Carter is your best bet.

Who doesn’t love a single pass strap? Our friends at ADPT ADPT Single Pass Nylon Watch Strap. Single nylon strip, keeper and buckle. I can’t say anything. The advantages of this type of strap are obvious. The watch case sits low, avoiding the height typically associated with double-pass straps. This ADPT strap comes in over 10 color options and can be configured in 18, 20, or 22mm options. These are high quality and manufactured right here in the USA. I’ll pick up a few today!

This week’s sale in this roundup is a monster of a watch. Behold, mad master. Effectively Casio’s crown jewel in the wilderness, the G-Shock GWG2000 exists not as a discreet, unassuming option, but as an all-out effort to build a watch that can handle the elements. In addition to the usual features, the Mudmaster has a built-in thermometer, altimeter, and barometer. This carbon steel beast is a previous generation (but equally capable) watch, so you can get it at a special price. Score one while you can.

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