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I usually post about my personal style, editorial fashion finds, and new brands I love, but today I’m going to do something a little different. Introducing my favorite women’s T-shirt styles. You won’t find me posting a lot of casual outfits, but most weekday afternoons you can find me at my computer wearing comfortable jeans and a great t-shirt.

I’ve tried about 15 different women’s t-shirt styles over the past 6 months, and these 5 have passed: I’ll also discuss some styles that didn’t work *for me*. We cover quite a few styles, all priced under $40. I’m not against investing a lot of money in basics, but I wouldn’t spend money on a t-shirt. I’m too keen on basic t-shirts to spend more than $50 on one.

Let’s find the perfect women’s T-shirt below.

Great relaxed t-shirt

i bought This T-shirt It comes in both gray and white and will probably come back for more colors. Relaxed fit T-shirt with dropped shoulders and slightly larger pockets. It drapes well and is very soft.coming in 35+ colors And it’s under $20! I’m back to wearing easy jean shorts and sandals. I love that this T-shirt of hers feels a little “cooler” and the neckline is perfect for the layered necklace look. This style fits true to size, but still has a relaxed, loose fit.Let’s buy it here.

Everyday Crew T-shirt

Kaslon It’s been one of my favorite brands to buy T-shirts from for a long time.Recently purchased This slub crew neck t-shirt And the most overused one in this entire post. I live in Florida, and I like how lightweight and breathable it is. It’s a less constricting, more fitted T-shirt and I love how the crew fits snugly around the neck. I bought plain white and striped versions, so many great colorways Choose from. This style holds up incredibly well through the wash and is easy to layer under sweaters and sweatshirts. The size is perfect and the price is a bargain at $19.

ribbed t-shirt

when this style I arrived and was a little lost about it. To be honest, I thought it might be a little too GenZ-y for me. As soon as I added this, the tone changed. This style is very fitted but has a lot of stretch so it’s very forgiving. It’s very soft to the touch, the crew sits very close to the neck, and the sleeves are a little short compared to other styles featured in this post. I’m always hesitant to buy fitted stretch styles. If it is not made of high-quality materials, it will lose its shape quickly. This style holds up well and has great resilience.i’m a big fan this tank and this tank Of course it’s the same brand this In the end, I was the winner!

Dressier T-shirts

So far, I would say most of these t-shirts are very casual. The next two are a little cleaner and dressier. First, This T-shirt Very soft and secure fit. A slightly heavier gauge knit with stretch. I bought it in black and love that I can wear it back with a midi skirt and kitten heels, or tuck it into dark high-rise denim and back into stiletto heels. The product images on the site are a bit misleading as I found that the top in my size fit better.

super tight t-shirt

this This is one of the only t-shirts on the list that doesn’t contain cotton, and is actually a poly blend that fits very well and is super stretchy. At first I was going to return it because it was a little short and wouldn’t be comfortable to wear with mid-rise denim. But when I paired it with a dressy skirt and high-rise pants, I absolutely loved it. This is the only style I don’t dress down or consider “casual.” I kept it black because this is the dress-up style I most envision.

Women’s T-shirts that didn’t work out

good american Crew neck and baby tea

This T-shirt and This T-shirt It has lots of recommendations and great reviews from other influencers. I found both to be hard and boxy. Sadly their hands were very dry and stiff. Unfortunately, it felt cheap for the price, and I didn’t like the feel or fit.

AmazonBasics T-shirt

I chose these t-shirts I had high hopes, but the very open crew neckline and small binding felt dated. Her shirt also had a poor fit, as it was too loose on the shoulders and too close to her body.

Open Edit Smooth Tee

what i love so much open edit Yes, but unfortunately This T-shirt It didn’t work for me. It’s made of the same material as this T-shirt I had in storage, but it was tight and too short, making it uncomfortable because it didn’t have any cinching. The t-shirt is really soft and stretchy. Although it didn’t work for me due to the fit, I found it to be a great piece for those looking for a cropped, dressier style.

Target Basic T-Shirt

meanwhile This T-shirt Great, just found This one Similar, but a little better.I prefer the hands and fit This T-shirt, However, there is a price difference. If you’re looking for a women’s t-shirt for under $10, I highly recommend this one. target stuff!

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