No Longer Made: Vero Workhorse Chrono Hooligan Watch

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The Workhorse Chrono is an interesting sports watch made by a company based in Oregon. Vero clock. This particular version of the Workhorse Chrono was designed by Matt Smith-Johnson and was a limited edition known as the Vero His Workhorse Chrono His Hooligan. Although it sold out quickly after its release in December 2022, Matt does design work for aBlogtoWatch and I have personally collaborated with him on several watch designs, so this model was initially is of particular interest to me beyond the release line. His special interpretation of the Vero Workhorse introduces different colorways, dial graphics, and special packaging.

First, let’s talk about the original Vero Workhorse Chrono watch. This relatively affordable quartz-based analog watch is considered a modern tool watch with an array of features that give it both style and an “instrumental” quality. While emphasizing a uniquely American style, we also emphasize functionality as part of the story. For me, this watch is truly an exercise in design because it doesn’t add anything that doesn’t already exist on the market. Rather, they offer highly wearable watches with fun and distinctive designs at fairly fair pricing. The brand clearly found this design to be a success, as they used it as the basis for the smaller, three-hand Vero US Forest Service Edition.

The steel case is 44.5mm wide and has a shape that closely resembles a can with lugs. The thickness is 13.5mm and the distance between the lugs is 49.5mm, making it very easy to install. Considering the outer crown and overall bold features, it feels large on the wrist. Vero has done a great job of designing his Workhorse with new shiny surfaces to ensure it feels practical. Everything is matte, easy to read, and authentic, and I think it’s a style that many people will enjoy. Other features, such as the wire-style dial protector cage, are reminiscent of sports/activity watches of the past.

This special version of the Workhorse Chrono has a gray case coated with Cerakote for increased scratch resistance. (Matt and I previously collaborated with Cerakote when he designed the UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW watch together). Other parts of the Workhorse are also coated, including the lugs, which have a black rubberized treatment. The case is water resistant to 120 meters and features a flat AR-coated sapphire crystal above the dial. The dial doesn’t have much lume (only the hands), but it’s not flat and has an interesting look. Overall readability and usefulness are very good.

The Workhorse Chrono is designed with the crown and chronograph pushers on the left side of the case, and the screw-down on the right side of the case that controls a free-running inner rotating bezel with 60-minute diver-style timing. There is a crown. scale. The gray dial is otherwise very clean, with Arabic numeral hour markers and, in this example, graphics on the inside of the secondary seconds dial. Inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota Caliber 6S21 quartz movement, with a central seconds hand that displays the time and a 60-minute chronograph.

This strap is one of the most interesting things about the Workhorse Chrono in that it combines several different types of straps, including a nylon NATO-style strap and a strap with a Velcro-style enclosure. The strap doesn’t look easy to put on and take off the case, but once it’s on, the watch’s case rests high (and comfortably) on it, and the Velcro-style closure system keeps the watch snug and comfortable. Masu. during exercise or activity. I would like to emphasize how comfortable the Workhorse Chrono is to wear.

For the Hooligan limited edition watch, Matt Smith-Johnson took inspiration from the smiley faces sometimes seen as protective light covers on rally cars and other off-road racing vehicles. He has a modified face with one eye closed to show that he is still happy despite being beaten (or beaten), hence the name “Hooligan” for this limited edition work horse Chrono. ” part was added. I like the overall black, gray, and yellow color palette of this watch. Because it reminds me of the 1989 watch. batman. So, to me, this watch is very much a Batman tool watch, with a face that reminds me of Batman’s smiley face. watchmen Graphic novel. Only 120 Vero Workhorse Chrono Hooligan limited edition watches were produced. The price was the same as his non-limited edition Vero Workhorse watch. $425However, it has since been seen on the secondary market for around $350 USD. For more information, please visit the Vero Watch website..

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