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H&M Denim Top, Pistola Allie Jeans, Black Classic Pumps, Demelier Tote, Unexpected Denim

Up: H&M // jeans: Pistola // shoes: Gianvito Rossi // Bag: Demelier (Click here for full review) // Jacket: Nili Lotan

I’ve never been much of a denim gal, but I might think differently this season. There are a lot of incredible new and unexpected denim styles. It’s not just jeans. Denim has been reinterpreted as cool oversized tops, cropped coats, and even maxi dresses. Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite denim pieces that I found unexpectedly…

denim pea coat

denim pea coat

this I just received it in the mail, but it’s even better to have it delivered directly to my door. I continued to wear this jacket, and I’m sure this new one will get frequent use in my closet.

denim maxi dress

As you know, I love a good kaftan, so This denim flowing maxi dress It’s right up my alley.that would be so chic this sandal and this bag.

denim maxi dress

frame wide leg denim

wide leg denim

Next month I will be posting a styling guide for BIG wide leg denim. these Definitely included! It’s very suitable.

denim utility jacket

Oversized and more structured This work It works well minimalist mini dress that’s all fitted denim!

Denim utility jacket, jeans jacket, denim jacket

Oversized denim top, H&M denim top

oversized denim top

i am wearing this style As you can see at the top of this post, it’s a really versatile piece. I plan on wearing it on and off all seasons!

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