New No 1 de Chanel Launches

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Chanel's new No.1 is on sale

there’s something new Chanel’s No.1 It will be available this spring, including three new shades. Revitalizing Lip & Cheek Balm ($48 each), A revitalizing nutritional duo ($170) and revitalizing mask ($100).available at chanel and ulta beauty.

Revitalizing Lip & Cheek Balm

Chanel's new No.1 Revitalizing Lip Cheek Balm

Chanel added three new shades Revitalizing Lip & Cheek Balm 07 Vibrant Coral, 08 Ardent Brick, 09 Purple Energy. All three colors are bright and bold, perfect for spring and summer. It has a moist and refreshing texture and does not feel dry (it stays moist). It’s a balm so it’s a little sticky. I really like these lips. It’s very refreshing, so it adheres well and doesn’t shift. It’s colder and drier than usual this time of year here in Florida, so you can wear a lot of clothes you wouldn’t normally wear. I really like the ones for dry or normal to dry skin, and I think the No 1 de Channel line is perfect for that skin type.

I wore all three shades with:

Chanel Revitalizing Lip Cheek Balm Swatch No. 1 Bright Coral, Ardent Brick, Purple Energy

vivid coral

Chanel Revitalizing Lip Cheek Balm Swatch No 1 Vibrant Coral

ardent brick

Chanel Revitalizing Lip Cheek Balm Sample Number 1, Ardent Brick

purple energy

Chanel Revitalizing Lip Cheek Balm Sample Number 1, Purple Energy

See it in action here.

A revitalizing nutritional duo

Chanel Revitalizing Nourishing Duo No 1

There’s a cute one Travel duo activation Comes with mini No 1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum and Crème Rich. I tried these in a few mini samples of GWP when this line first launched, but I found the formula to be too much for my skin type. Both have a beautiful texture and feel, but have a strong scent. I tried them again to review and the scents didn’t irritate my skin, but I found them both a bit too heavy. My skin is dry and I feel both are great for really dry skin. It comes in a small travel pouch and is very cute.

revitalizing mask

Chanel Revitalizing Mask No.1

Finally, let’s take a look at their new work Chanel Revitalizing Mask No.1 I think it’s beautiful. It has a soft jelly-like texture. It’s a wash-off type, so you apply it on clean skin for 5 minutes and then wash it off. Leaves your baby’s skin truly soft and luxuriously smooth. Refills are also available, and refills can be purchased separately. His two concerns with this formula are that it has fragrance and alcohol high on the ingredient list. Fortunately, I didn’t have any skin irritation, but I would like to caution those with sensitive skin.

Overall I like the look of the new lip and cheek balm. I’m currently enjoying using it on both my lips and cheeks. When the heat returns to Florida, I think it will be too heavy and humid to apply on the cheeks in humid weather, but it can still be used on the lips. The skincare additions are great, but they didn’t really suit my skin type.

Currently available at chanel and ulta beauty.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

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