Netflix’s Wednesday Season 2 Will Lean Into Horror, Jenna Ortega Says

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A release date for Season 2 on Wednesday hasn’t been set yet, but the show’s star Jenna Ortega reassured fans that it’s in the works, even teasing the content of the next season, which will be available on Netflix. .in Interview with Mr. E! Ortega suggested that the show would “lean a little more into horror.”

Ortega added, “It’s really, really exciting. Throughout the show, Wednesday needs a little bit of an arc, but she never changes. That’s what’s great about her.” “I think there are some really, really great one-liners and everything is bigger. It’s packed with a lot of action. It probably makes each episode feel a little more like a movie, which is great.”

thanks to variety, it is known that season 2 will begin filming later this year in April. Season 1 was released in November 2022, and since then, the show has become the most-watched show on Netflix, and it only took a week to get there. Due to the show’s popularity, Netflix is ​​currently considering a spin-off centered around Uncle Fester.

Be sure to read Chris E. Haner’s Wednesday review. “Wednesday may have some issues in its first year, but the show is laying a very strong foundation for what could be a quality show for several seasons in the future.

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