Natasha Denona Berry Pop Collection

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natasha denona berry pop collection

Natasha Denona has released three new cranberry-themed pieces. berry pop collection Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Natasha Denona (who I love) is often seen in nudes and pink tones, but she rarely wears red, but the berry pops of color in her collection are really pretty.Items are available below ulta beauty and natasha denona.

berry pop cheek trio

natasha denona berry pop cheek palette

of berry pop cheek trio ($48) includes two rosy shades and a highlighter. Tinted Glow Cream Base (medium shade) is a softer, creamier, soft rose pink glow. It’s creamy and emollient, but it’s quite drying when blended. You can apply it to your eyes and cheeks.

Cream blushes have a more powdery feel. The color is good, so even a small amount spreads well. It’s a bit difficult for me as I love neutral makeup, but it’s very easy to blend colors.

The highlighter has a beautiful champagne glow and has a very smooth and silky feel. The shimmers are quite shimmery, but they are finely milled and give off a really nice shine.

Overall, it gets a solid A+ for performance, blendability, and texture. I know a lot of people prefer blushes with neutral tones, so I don’t know if it will suit everyone, but the red in this collection has a strong cranberry vibe, so it’s not a bright red.

Berry pop lipstick + lip liner

natasha denona berry pop lipstick and lip liner

I love the coordinating lipstick and liner duo. berry pop lipstick ($27) and berry pop lip crayon ($24) contains Natasha Denona’s signature creamy full-coverage formula. Both match the cranberry hue. The lipstick is opaque, smooth, and has a creamy satin finish. The lip crayon liner is also smooth, very long-lasting, and helps extend the life of the lipstick (I needed waterproof his remover to remove it). Both have a cool vibe.

Natasha Denona Berry Pop Cheek Trio, Lipstick, Lip Liner Swatches

Berry Pop Look Wear:

Natasha Denona Berry Pop Cheek Trio, Lipstick and Lip Liner Makeup Look

I need rose lipstick

Natasha Denona I need rose lipstick

For lovers of neutral lips, we added her easy look I need rose lipstick This is the first neutral lip color in her line that doesn’t wash me out. We all know that neutral lipsticks can be tricky. What’s “neutral” to me can look like a bright orange to someone else, or like concealer depending on your lip color, skin tone, undertone, etc.

Her “I Need a Rose Lipstick” is a beautiful bright shade with just the right amount of warmth for me. Most of her other nude lipsticks are too cool-toned for me, but for anyone looking for a truly cool-toned lipstick or liner, I can’t praise her formula enough.

peony A light milky pink cream, Daphne It is a medium rose brown nude. Kara A beautiful beige cream.she has matching items lip liner and lip gloss I’ll go with these. I actually have lip liner, but I don’t have it in my stash (I can’t find it). I apply the lip gloss on my arms, but unfortunately the lip gloss ends up settling on my lip lines, which I don’t really like.

I need Natasha Denona Rose lipstick and gloss swatches

I need Natasha Denona Rose Lipstick Peony

Natasha Denona Rose Lipstick Daphne Needed

Natasha Denona Rose Lipstick Color Needed

There’s a lot to love overall. The formula and colors are beautiful.can be found berry pop collection It’s out now ulta beauty.of I need rose lipstick Also available from ulta beauty and sephora.

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