MW3 Season 2 Improves ADS Idle Sway on Mouse & Keyboard

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Sledgehammer Games listened to their fans and significantly improved ADS idle shaking for mouse and keyboard users in MW3 Season 2.

Since the release of Modern Warfare 3, players, especially mouse and keyboard users, have been complaining about the game’s issues with aiming accuracy. The biggest issue so far has been the aggressive implementation of ADS Aim Idle Sway.

Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has improved MW3’s aiming precision and accuracy for mouse and keyboard users by significantly reducing ADS idle shaking. Please be happy!

MW3 Season 2 Patch Notes Key Art

Season 2 Patch Fix ADS Aim Idle Sway

In the first major patch of Season 2, Sledgehammer Games has significantly improved MW3’s aiming accuracy and accuracy across the board.

As stated on the SHG Twitter/X page, the development team has implemented “significant changes to ADS idle sway and other weapon attributes” in MW3 and Warzone.

In addition to Aim Idle Sway, MW3’s offensive Hip Fire Sway also received a long-awaited nerf in the Season 2 patch. You can see the effects of these improvements in the embedded video above.

Both ADS idol sway and hipfire crosshair sway in MW3 and Warzone have been significantly reduced.

Sledgehammer Games has the following to say about the ADS idle shaking improvements in the official patch notes:

  • ADS idle sway now starts immediately after aiming instead of immediately after aiming, introducing a delay in the sway curve, typically 5ms long, but varies by weapon.
  • After an initial delay, ADS idle sway now increases gradually over 3 seconds until reaching peak speed, instead of starting at full speed when aiming.
  • ADS idle sway now consistently starts at the player’s hipfire crosshair location instead of along the sway curve.

These changes are intended to ensure that players with “fast reflexes and accurate aim” are not at a disadvantage when aiming.

It is important to note that sniper rifles are not affected by these changes and are likely to remain balanced.

Operator aiming with sniper rifle in MW3

Similarly, Hipfire Sway has been updated as a way to “reward deft aim.”

  • The hip-fire crosshair no longer swings from the center of the screen when the player moves or rotates the camera.
  • Weapon bullet trajectories now align exactly with the hipfire crosshairs, i.e. the center of the player’s screen.

Read the full article for a detailed overview. Here are the patch notes for Season 2.

What is ADS Idle Sway?

ADS idle sway is when the aiming reticle moves to a random position away from the original target when aiming with the MW3. The reticle also moves randomly from the center during ADS and strafe.

ADS idle wobbling should, in theory, prevent players from keeping their crosshairs on target for long periods of time. However, this feature was previously too noticeable and caused unnecessary and terrible visual backlash for many people.

These hated features made the player’s aiming accuracy more dependent on RNG than skill, which was especially frustrating for mouse and keyboard users. That’s been evident in the Call of Duty series since the Modern Warfare 2019 reboot.

Operator fires weapon on Stash House map in MW3 Season 2

Previously, these negative aiming effects were felt most strongly by mouse and keyboard users. The controller’s aggressive aim assist went a long way to counteracting the effects of her ADS and her idle shaking on console players.

This is the main reason why I chose a controller over a mouse or keyboard as a better control option for MW3.

Photoshopped image of Dualsense on MW3 Operator's face aiming at mouse and keyboard image

Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has significantly nerfed both ADS idle shake and horizontal shake in MW3 and Warzone as a way to greatly improve the aiming experience in the game.

We hope that SHG continues to listen to their fans and continue to improve the game based on player feedback.

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