MW3 Fans Ridicule “Goofy” Voice Acting for Rick Grimes Skin

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With the start of Season 2, The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes has finally arrived in MW3, but players are raising eyebrows over the new Operator skin’s questionable voice actor performance.

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have been waiting for Rick Grimes to appear in Call of Duty for a long time. It seems like a perfect fit for a ruthless and heroic leader whose hobby is killing zombies.

But after getting the Rick Grimes skin at the start of Season 2, fans are starting to notice that the voiceover work feels a little off. Some people even call it “ridiculous.”

It’s a far cry from the show’s iconic voice.

Players mock Rick Grimes’ voice

Less than 24 hours after Operator Rick Grimes became available, fans have already started mocking the Skins voice actor online.

One player posted a short clip on Reddit of a few lines of dialogue from the skin. They point out that the voice is very different from the TV show The Walking Dead.

I wonder who will be the voice of Rick 😭
byu/ShadowOpsFN inmodern warfare iii

In the clip above, you can hear some of Grimes’ iconic lines in a voice that sounds like a completely different person. Respected British actor Andrew Lincoln originally played the beloved Rick Grimes character.

ShadowOpsFN curiously asks, “Who are you fooling?” As a way to point out blatant inconsistencies. Apparently, this isn’t fooling anyone.

The majority of fans on Reddit are thoroughly disappointed in the character’s narration. Doggie Printer said he was “most excited” about the prospect of Andrew Lincoln reprising his role as Rick Grimes in MW3, but instead felt extremely disappointed.

mud flava 76 considers Rick’s voice actor to be “goofy” and wonders how the developers can move forward with it. traitor 1 “Because he was a fraction of the price of Andrew Lincoln.” They might be on to something there.

Be that as it may, it is certain that her skin was not immune to ridicule and ridicule. Emergency City-2139 They find it so “embarrassing” that they refuse to use it. Similarly, Dark Syndicate YT Now that she has heard his “nasty voice,” she “won’t play with him.”

Some people embrace the stupidity of their skin’s voice lines by equipping them with ridiculous finishing moves.

This is one way to make lemonade from lemons.

Who is the voice of Rick Grimes in MW3?

The voice actor for the Rick Grimes Operator skin has not yet been revealed. However, it is also possible that he is played by actor Ian Hanlin from the video game The Walking Dead: Destinies.

Hanlin played Rick in the poorly received Walking Dead game released in 2023, and many have speculated that he could be the person behind MW3’s Rick Grimes.

Unfortunately for fans, his purported narration bears little resemblance to Andrew Lincoln’s original performance, causing a huge stir among fans of The Walking Dead and COD.

byu/ShadowOpsFN from discussion
modern warfare iii

Many of the voices’ lines sound nothing like Andrew Lincoln, but many people online are debating whether it’s really him voicing Rick Grimes in MW3. .

Many people are convinced that this character’s voice is Lincoln. Aajma The actor said, “I’m not trying hard, but Chankla 1 believes that the voice actors and directors “did not do a good job of making them sound like The Walking Dead characters.”

All of this confusion is most likely due to the fact that at least some of the lines appear to be by Lincoln, and perhaps taken straight from the show itself.

For example, here’s a clip showcasing one of Skin’s finishing moves, which appears to be repeating the same lines spoken by Andrew Lincoln’s version of Rick.

One thing is for sure, most of the voice work is definitely do not have Written by Andrew Lincoln.

If you want to hear it for yourself, check out how to get the Rick Grimes skin in MW3. The perfect skin for mowing down zombies in Season 2’s new Hordepoint mode.

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