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Yesterday I completed Strava’s monthly mileage challenge. My goal was 600km, but I finished at 1359km (843 miles). Correcting for the rides I made on my e-bike (see ‘E-bike notes and mileage records’ here), this is about 20% of the total, which is about 1305 km (810 miles) without assistance. ). This puts me at 17,530 of his 280,312 to complete the challenge, and in my boyfriend’s 70-74 age group he’s 285 of 17,533. It feels good to be in the top 10%. But to put things into perspective, I have covered less than a quarter of the total mileage of my leaders (6,633 km), and even less than a quarter of the total mileage of my contemporaries (5,802 km). ). Nevertheless, this was a lifetime PR for me, and I don’t think he had ever run more than 600 miles in a month before. Once that challenge is over, I’ll try to focus on reducing my mileage a bit and increasing my cruising speed a bit.

The last three days of this week went like this. I went hard last Thursday, so I did a recovery cruise on Friday. Saturday was a more brisk long ride of 49 miles with an average heart rate of 105. Yesterday was another hard day. After warming up, I tried the new time trial route I ran last Thursday. He did better than Thursday, but by just seven seconds over 45 minutes. We then did some intervals and then did a cool down ride. I hope to recover slowly over the next few days.

Up the LLagas road on Saturday
Coming Down Edmundsen Avenue Thursday
Fog disappeared in the foothills east of Morgan Hill yesterday.
On my way home yesterday, I stopped at El Toro on Main Avenue.

Friday rides are posted on Strava hereon Saturday here,yesterday’s here.

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