Meghan Markle Loves These 7 Under-the-Radar Fashion Brands

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If you had access to every luxury designer under the sun, what would you wear? Dior, Louis Vuitton, Aquazzura, Celine, Kite, Bottega Veneta, to name a few, you have a lot in common with Meghan Markle There will be. Although she frequently wears these hit brands, they aren’t the only brands she stocks in her closet. She also mixes in lesser-known brands, which are the subject of this story.

You might be able to recognize the Celine logo from a mile away, but can you spot a Celine Collective bag just as easily? If not, let us introduce you to an ethically made brand . “Cesta bags are handcrafted from start to finish,” the brand explains on its website. “Each basket is handcrafted using locally sourced renewable resources by talented female artisans in Rwanda, Africa. We pay them 500-700% of Rwanda’s national average salary. Scroll down to shop Cesta Collective and six other under-the-radar brands worn by Meghan.

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