Masterpieces from the Met for the Wrist by Vacheron Constantin

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By announcing a partnership with Metropolitan Museum of Art Vacheron Constantin was just released last year. A masterpiece on your wristThis program offers the opportunity to order a watch with an enamel dial that reproduces selected works of art from the Met’s collection in a watch created by Les Cabinotiers, a watchmaker’s workshop for custom and made-to-measure watches. is.

Clients can commission works by Vincent van Gogh. Wheat field with cypresses For example, as a minute repeater. Naturally, customers who commission such a watch receive more than just a watch. This process includes a private his tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a visit to Geneva of Vacheron and his Constantin. manufacturing.

Wheat field with cypresses

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Geneva’s important watchmakers, namely Vacheron Constantin and its crosstown rivals, have long reproduced important works of art on the dials of their wristwatches (or pocket watches). In the second half of the 20th century, Suzanne Rolle is famous for her miniature reproductions of various classical works of European art in her enamels. And most recently, Anita Porsche recreated Vermeer’s work. girl with a pearl earring About the monumental Les Cabinotiers Westminster Sonnerie commissioned by a prominent Asian collector.

A masterpiece on your wrist It is a continuation and formalization of that historical practice, and is also granted privileged access to one of the world’s most famous museums. For art lovers, this is a very good opportunity.

Bridge over a lily pond – Claude Monet

Indeed, most of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s artworks are already in the public domain, so you don’t need the museum’s permission to reproduce them. Any painting can be rendered in miniature enamel independently of the museum.

However, this would miss the experiential aspect. A masterpiece on your wrist, a meeting with curators and experts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It will be a valuable experience, especially for collectors who are particular about the details of their works.

Vacheron Constantin has not officially revealed the names of the enamellers working on such commissions, but they will likely be part of the company’s in-house enameler workshop. Although the relatively unknown artisans working at Vacheron Constantin lack the name recognition of, say, Ms. Porsche, they have produced some impressive creations, such as the Wind God and Thunder God pair.

Commission powered by cal. 2460 SC is equipped with Masterpiece’s unique rotor on the wrist.

enamel masterpiece

A masterpiece on your wrist Clients can choose from nearly any artwork in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, from paintings to sculptures to historical objects. The process begins with a curator-led tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, guiding clients through the selection of artworks, followed by a visit to the Vacheron Constantin Museum. manufacturing In Geneva.

The artwork is reproduced in enamel on the dial, using specific enamel techniques depending on the nature of the artwork.

Painting is perhaps best suited to miniature enamel, a historical technique of choice for watch artwork. On the other hand, engraving may be suitable for: grisaille A nearly monochromatic technique involving the painting and removal of enamel, enamel.

Winslow Homer’s Nor’easter, cal. 2755TMR

Miniature artwork requires maximum space on the dial, so only certain models are suitable as a base. For now, the watches that can serve as canvases for reproduction artwork are those with Cal. 2755 TMR, cal. 1731, and cal. 2460SC.

calorie. 2755 TMR is a tourbillon with a minute repeater with a very complex caseback, but only the sixth opening of the dial is needed for the tourbillon, the rest of the dial is made of enamel. You can use it. Meanwhile, his other two movements are two-handed calibers, which are the most ideal.

The price of such commissions is determined upon request, but a time-limited watch will likely cost around US$250,000, with more complex examples costing several times that amount.

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