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Today is a simple post. I’m writing this on Easter Sunday, so technically I should be trying to ease my kids’ rampant sugar high. One of them is currently circling. Wonka On the soundtrack, another person fills a water gun with water and is “cleaning the inside of the window.” I have a feeling that hell is about to break loose.

This week we’ve already seen all hell break loose in the form of Dexter the Cockapoo contracting canine gastroenteritis. I have never seen such great results with Dettol spray. The whole house smelled of eggs, boiled chicken, and rotting internal organs. I imagine opening the door after a long flight and smelling the airplane cabin.

Anyway, here are my 5 favorites. There are six items listed, one of which (Anine Bing’s hoodie) comes in “distressed” condition and is not recommended. This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed. It looks as if a mouse has chewed through the cuff. Of course, I kept the hoodie. Because I’m inconsistent when it comes to buying clothes that don’t suit me. Recommendation to that?

The jury has retired. I’ve never found another parka with such great weight, drape, and shape…but I love it! (the here*Online. ) So, 5 genuine favorites – be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page. Because that’s where all the action takes place.

1. Horology

I’m still buying cacti. And I still buy nice pots to put them in. horology* Because the Hortology website tells you exactly what pot size and pot opening each plant needs, and shows you exactly which pots to choose from. Banzai! This makes ordering miles easy. I would even go so far as to say that it is painless.

I need to get more types of cactus. That’s the only beef with me. Because I’ve looked into most of the types now. My front room looks like Arizona.

If you would like to get £10 off your first order please use my link here*

Read: What I bought from Hortology

2. Pump

Well, unless the ballet pumps disappear and reappear! Shoes that have been causing arch collapse and permanent tendon damage for probably an entire generation. It looks chic and the appeal is that you can put it on and take it off without bending over. You must win as much as you can in this life.

I love Borden’s “Ponyskin” flats here* – There are some designer products doing the rounds that look very similar but cost upwards of £600, so it feels like a bit of a bargain by comparison. They’re incredibly durable – we’re talking Bowden here, after all – and the toe shape is relatively wide. I don’t feel like my toes are being squeezed. However, if you are wondering about the size, I think it is a bit small.

How can you improve your ballet flats? By putting straps through them, of course! Move on Mary Jane (literally). Ballet flats have an understated and sophisticated design, but with built-in practicality. What’s not to like?

These are satin pumps. wise london* Great, but most are sold out online. Russell & Bromley’s leather ‘Pivot’ is equally gorgeous. Find it online. here*.

3. Snail headband

Of all the weird things I’ve mentioned so far…this terry toweling headband has become a huge hit every time I wear it on Instagram. It has foamy snail eyes. Are those eyes or antennae? Tentacles? I don’t even have time to Google because I can hear the music changing from before. Wonka to zombie 2 The soundtrack is playing downstairs, and my son is probably about to drop to the floor and breakdance in a few seconds. If he looks like he’s about to breakdance, you should remove all lamps from around him. We learned that lesson the hard way.

Snail headbands are perfect if a) you need something to hold your hair back when you wash your face, and b) you want to have a little laugh. That’s completely unreasonable.

find it here*A few pounds on Amazon.

4. Elf Cleanser

I found something very beautiful: elf cosmetics cleansing balm. Affordable cleansing balms are actually very rare. I feel like mainstream mass-market brands are understanding the fact that people want cleansers that are more than just “facial cleansers,” but progress has been slow.

Well then, thank you elf cosmetics Who came up with a pot of cleansing consistency that is very effective at removing makeup and dirt at the same time and Easy on your wallet. At £11 per pot, it breaks down into an oil that’s perfect for massaging, and when you peel it off with a flannel it leaves your skin feeling really clean, but not at all tight.

you can find it here*online.

5. Orthodontic device

I recently made a comparison video between the GHD Cronos and Remington Ceramic 230 on Instagram. The price of one pair is 10 times that of the other pair. If you want to know how the two fared, check out the video. here.

Hair straightening is one of my favorites this month. That’s because I straighten my hair regularly and diligently to get through the “growing out the bob” phase painlessly.

Read: How to grow a bob

I know that by the time May rolls around, my hair will look and feel like old straw – I’ve been trying various heat protectants to reduce the damage – but for now I’m using a straightener I’ve started using , but I can’t seem to get it to work. It seems like it won’t stop.

I can see why people are so obsessed with hair straightening. Hair straightening is quick and reliable, and your hair will look straightened in no time. You can straighten your hair in about an eighth of the time it takes to curl or wave it, and it requires absolutely no skill. Why did I discover it now, in my 40s? I wasted my time…

Yes, I’m leaving. It was a Christmas (Easter?) miracle that we didn’t hear the sound of breaking glass coming from the kitchen or the dance floor. I don’t want to push my luck. I’m actually skipping school for a few weeks now, so when school starts again and I can hear my thoughts, I’ll see you over there…

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