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I’ll share some of my favorite things together Vuori. This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links below, from which I may earn a small commission. Thank you so much to everyone who made a purchase using my link!

Hey everyone! how are you? how was your weekend? Ours was great. Meg’s baby shower was lovely – I can’t wait to meet my new nephew soon! – and we got together with some friends. Additionally, the second floor floor will be replaced, so we have started planning and preparing. Basically everything needs to be moved downstairs. It feels like you’re moving again, but it’ll be worth it when it’s all over.

Regarding today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorites Vuori. Vuori has grown rapidly over the past few years and has become one of my favorite athletic and acelsire brands. The price is cheaper than other stores, but I think the fabric and quality are very good. I also like the color options. I wanted to share some good stuff with anyone looking for new sportswear to jumpstart their workout motivation. 😉

Latest favorites discovered by Vuori

daily leggings

I love these so much I have 4 pairs in my closet. The latest addition to my collection is Sawyer and the light purple gray color (I think it’s a little too bright).

Why I like these:

The length is a little short, so it won’t be baggy around your ankles. It also comes with a cute drawstring bag, is not see-through, and will stand the test of time. I’ve had the black pair for 3 years and they still look like new. It’s also cheaper than Aligns, but the fabric is more durable.

Halo performance hoodie and jogger

This has become one of my road trip outfits and dance competition day outfits. It’s very comfortable, but still somehow looks put together. There are so many great sets in so many colors. If you haven’t tried any of Vuori’s products yet, start with their joggers. There’s a reason they have a cult following.

lux performance tank

i have some of this It pairs great with leggings and hoodies, and is super lightweight, making it perfect for almost any workout. I also like the longer length, which looks great and has a more fitted cut.

Cove cutout T-shirt

i have mixed feelings This one. I like the color and the cutouts, but I don’t feel like I like them very much. Liv has danced in it once and she looked so cute that she thinks it might look better on her longer torso.
Yosemite Bra

This comes in quite a few colors, The perfect *everything* bra. I wear them for hot yoga, strength training, barre, and Pilates. They don’t have a lot of support, so I’m not sure how they would handle high-impact activities if you have a larger cup size.

Halo essential jumpsuit

I love the jumpsuit moment. It’s a one-shot costume, and it’s the same dreamy Halo fabric that I love.

Restore Half-Zip Parka

this is perfect Half zip hoodie. The thick fleece fabric actually keeps you warm and comes in several neutral colors. I baked Christmas cookies at home, but I regret that there were butter stains on the surface :/

Other favorites not pictured:

– energy top!I always wear gray

– boyfriend joggers (I’m still wearing it as I write this article!)

– This Halo crew mech Layering

– this shorts – Perfect fit, not too short

– The best “mom” swimwear. It’s very flattering, cute, and the fabric is sporty. True to size.

Here’s what’s currently on my list:

– This tennis dress

– nice wide pants

– This square neck bra

So please tell your friends.Where is the best place to buy sportswear right now? I think Vuori is at the top of my list Beyond yoga A close second place.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow for a review of Spenga Class. If you have any questions that I can answer in my posts, please let me know.


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