Latest AI integrations for diabetes management in APAC and more AI briefs

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New players in digital diabetes management

Indian diabetes app and Qatar-based digital therapeutics (DTx) company Droobi Health have announced a merger.

Headquartered in Singapore, the combined entity called DroobiSmit aims to become the leading diabetes solutions provider in the Middle East and South Asia region. We leverage digital twin technology, predictive analytics, and advanced monitoring to provide personalized solutions for patients with prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension.

Sujit Chakrabarty, founder of and also at the helm of DroobiSmit, said the company would consider entering emerging markets, particularly Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hessa Al Jaber, former Qatari Minister of Telecommunications, will also join the company’s board of directors.

Fitterfly launches empathetic AI chatbot

Fitterfly, an Indian DTx company, leverages AI technology to develop an empathetic conversational chatbot that helps people manage their health and fitness.

Called JEDi, the chatbot on the Fitterfly Metabolic Health app provides customized advice and nudges based on user responses, health data, and preferences.

“The JEDi architecture is rule-based and hybrid. [natural language processing] It is built on the Expert system foundation, complemented by a large-scale language model. This is connected to the Fitterfly knowledge base that powers our treatments,” said Ammar Jagirdar, head of Fitterfly’s X Labs, explaining the chatbot architecture.

JEDi can also be offered as a plug-and-play solution or add-on service for enterprises, including insurance companies.

Nuvilab’s new mobile solution features genAI, CGM technology

South Korean food AI company Nuvilab has devised a new mobile solution to manage nutrition for diabetics.

Although the company did not reveal many details about the new solution, it did share that it incorporates continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and generative AI to increase its effectiveness.

The launch of this new service comes as Nuvilab expands its healthcare services to include patients with type 2 diabetes.

Meanwhile, the company recently signed a formal agreement to implement its AI food scanner in inpatient care at Alexandra Hospital in Singapore following a successful seven-week pilot. The scanner has an average accuracy of 95% in recording and analyzing patient meals per bed.

Latest FDA approval for’s AI CXR solution

Indian medical imaging solutions provider has secured new clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its AI-based chest X-ray solution.

qXR for Lung Nodule is the first FDA-approved solution for identifying and locating lung nodules using computer vision, reported for use by radiologists, pulmonologists, and ER physicians It has been. This solution can detect and highlight areas of suspected pulmonary nodules between 6 and 30 millimeters in size.

This is the company’s 13th FDA clearance and the sixth in its series of chest X-ray solutions.

Oncoshot powers Ablaze clinical trial with advanced analytics

Singapore medical AI startup Oncoshot has partnered with Chinese clinical trial solutions provider Zhejiang Ablaze Medicine to optimize its clinical trial infrastructure.

Oncoshot incorporates advanced analytics and automation to improve Ablaze’s trial design and planning. It also provides the federated data infrastructure that supports Ablaze and its partners.

According to Ablaze co-founder and director Marco Meng, their goal is to “help predict optimal trial sites, enhance patient matching and retention, and continue to leverage data and technology to design trials.” “to enable a continuous improvement cycle.”

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