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Larian has revealed that their next project will not be a sequel to the hugely successful Baldur’s Gate 3. However, it appears that Larian has no intention of making Baldur’s Gate 4, and in fact intends to keep the Dungeons & Dragons license.

Larian Studios head Swen Vincke addressed the topic in a talk at a game developer conference, stating that the team will now be “moving away from Dungeons & Dragons completely” and will not be releasing any DLC for Baldur’s Gate 3. He said he was deaf.

Swen talked a little more deeply about that topic. Follow-up interview with Game Spot. When asked, “At what point did you start thinking about what’s next for the studio?” Swen almost instantly answered, “Before we started!”

“So this is part of a bigger plan for what I call a super-sized RPG, and it’s going to trivialize all of that,” he says, looking like he’s going to eat shit in the face. Swen said with a smile.

Swen elaborated that the studio’s next game won’t be a huge RPG either. “I think there are technologies that we don’t have yet,” he said. “We’re hopeful, but we don’t know what the specs will be for the next generation, but we hope we can get something close to that.”

But for a while, it was actually planned to start work on a sequel.

“… So for a while, I was actually saying, yeah, yeah, that’s what we should do, we should change the plan, we should do that. So the team should actually do that. And then later in the year, we realized that’s not what we were built for. So it’s literally the opposite of what Larian is about. . We want to do big new things, but we don’t want to rehash what we’ve already done. That’s why we said we wouldn’t do that. Therefore, we went back to our original plan and I’m working on the next thing and bigger things.”

Hasbro will definitely be disappointed with Larian’s departure. Baldur’s Gate 3 reportedly brought in $90 million in profits for the company. You can earn a decent salary just by licensing your IP.

It’s still unclear what Larian’s project will be, but people are hopeful that the company might decide to return to the Divinity series. After all, they’ve hinted at plans to return to that universe before. Swen Vinke told IGN.: “the [Divinity: Original Sin] It’s a world of our own that we’ve created, so I’m definitely going to go back there someday,” Vinke said. “We’ll get back there someday. Let’s get this done first.” [Baldur’s Gate 3] Take a break every now and then. I also need to refresh my creative side. You can see 400 developers putting their heart and soul into this. This game incorporates the best parts of them and their technology. So I would say this is quite a deal. ”

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