Lara Spencer Adopts Dog

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Lara Spencer helps TV viewers start their day with a smile as a member of Good morning, America He recently made dog lovers laugh when he announced that he had added a new four-legged dog to his family.

long-time supporter of North Shore Animal League AmericaTV personality found her new barking friend betty The world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

After adopting her fur baby at the end of 2023, she told fans in January 2024: Instagram:

“To answer the typical questions people have about rescues: How is she adjusting? Is she well-behaved? Why should I adopt a pet instead of buying one? —-I hope these photos say it all ;). Welcome to the crazy, funny, stupid, and smart Betty family!”

To celebrate the news, North Shore Animal League America posted: Facebook:

“We are so grateful for Lara Spencer’s dedication and commitment to our no-kill mission. She practices what she preaches! She has already adopted two dogs from us. After a recent visit, that number is now three. We are delighted that Betty has found a loving home. Lara on the importance of rescuing animals from dire situations Thank you for spreading our message.”

As Lara Spencer celebrates becoming a new pet parent to a North Shore Animal League of America puppy, the nonprofit is celebrating 80 years of helping homeless companion animals. Since 1944, North Shore Animal League of America has rescued over 1,100,000 dogs and cats in need.

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