Kazutaka Kodaka teases ‘Limit x Despair’ title announcement in ‘not-too-distant future’

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danganronpa series and Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Creator Kazutaka Kodaka will be releasing an “insane” new work in the “not too distant future,” he said in the article. Tweet today.

“It’s a game I’m working hard on right now. The scenarios are so crazy and so engaging that I’m more engrossed in it than anything else,” Kodaka said. “Even when things are difficult or troublesome, I end up working or writing a scenario instead of playing or resting. This may be the first time I’ve ever been so absorbed in a work. I get burnt out. I wonder. In any case, the announcement and release will be in the not too distant future, so please look forward to it. Also, I’m tired, so I hope you’ll support me. #Limit #Despair ”

When Too Kyo Games announced its founding in September 2018, it teased four projects in the works with concept artwork. Of these four projects, only one has not been officially announced yet. [Kazutaka] Kodaka× [Kotaro] Uchikoshi joint scenario! “Limit” x “Despair”” The artwork included in the project description is as follows:

Limit x Despair

In December 2023, during a year-end interview, Kodaka teased that he was working on an “insane” project that he hoped to announce in 2024.

Mr. Kodaka said,[In 2023]has been released Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODEI used to be able to take some time off after a project was launched, but now that I am the president of a young company, I don’t have free time due to finances. I’m already in the critical stages of my next project. In addition, subsequent projects are reaching a climax, and new projects are also being launched. The reason I work so hard is because I want to release as many works as possible to the world. We don’t cut corners on anything. If anything, I put more than 100 percent of my effort into it. When that happens, what will be the result? Naturally, this will place a heavy burden on all staff members. However, “too kyo” in our company name, Too Kyo Games, means “too crazy.” We exist to continue creating new works, so we will work even harder next year to do so. I will definitely check it. The next game will be a crazy game, especially worthy of the name “too kyo,” and I hope to announce it next year. This is a game that we are all working on with passion and blood, so please support us when the time comes. ”

zero escape series and AI: Somnium Files Series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, who works with Kodaka at Too Kyo Games, also teased that he was working on something “insane.”

“It’s a shame that we can’t officially announce it yet, but we hope to announce a crazy title that will go down in video game history this year.” [2024]” Uchikoshi said. “stay tuned!”

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