Juami Tiongson thought game-winning 3 only forced OT

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Terra Firma Guard Juami Tiongson – PBA Images

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Juami Tiongson’s final shot as Terra Firma defeated Blackwater in the PBA Philippine Cup at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum on Saturday was very entertaining.

With 12 seconds left, Tiongson sank a clutch triple in front of bossing guard RK Ilagan, and the Dieps won 92-91.

But Tiongson didn’t think his shot put Terra Firma ahead, only tied it.

“Coach, I thought it was overtime!” So I relaxed on defense and thought it was a three-goal lead,” said an exhausted Juami Tiongson in the press area before the post-game press conference.

“Well, it went in anyway. It was a good shot,” coach Joneder Cardel said with a laugh.

Before Tiongson’s heroics, Blackwater guard Ray Nantuck only successfully split free throws to give Blackwater a 91-89 advantage.

“I really thought it was a 3-point lead. That’s why I went to shoot a 3-point shot and when I made it, I celebrated a little bit and my teammates ran towards me,” he said, scoring 20 points and 6. explained Tiongson, who had a rebound and three assists.

“I was like, ‘I still have overtime.'” Why do we celebrate? Then I was shocked that I had already won. I really didn’t know. ”

On a more serious note, Tiongson credits his clutch shooting to his grandmother, who passed away last year.

“I knew she was there for me. I was praying to her because I was struggling in the first half, couldn’t make shots, had really bad decision-making. And I knew she was there for me. It made my dreams come true.”

Last May, Tiongson posted a heartfelt message to her late grandmother on Instagram.

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“I’m so lucky to call you my Laura. Please continue to pray for me. I miss you every day,” Tiongson wrote.

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