Introducing The Ochs und Junior Ochs Line Day/Night

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When we think of astronomical clocks, i.e. timekeepers that can give complex indications about the moon, the position of the sun, the length of the day, the equation of time etc. You might think of a clock. Star inspired texture. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a far cry from Ludwig Oechslin’s approach to watchmaking. The Pope of Simplicity does things quite differently, and the Ox & Junior Ox Line Day/Night, a complex astronomical clock currently available from the Standard Collection, boasts more complexity than you might imagine . A true watchmaking sleeper!

Like almost all watches made by independent watchmaker Ochs und Jr., the new Ochs Line Day/Night is the best definition of deceptive simplicity. At first, it may appear to be just a time-only watch with a date and additional complications, perhaps a moon phase display. No big deal, you might think? But there’s more to it than meets the eye. This is a radically simple (Ochslin trademark) expression of the poetic complexity of the length of day and night. And if that’s the main indication for this watch, there’s plenty more to discover.

Let’s summarize the features of Ochs Line Day/Night.

  • Day and night length for the selected location. This is adjusted dynamically. Ludwig Oechslin’s complications are available in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • solar noon
  • sunrise and sunset
  • position of the sun and moon in the sky
  • moon phase
  • date
  • Time too…

Of course, the length of day and night is not universal, but is associated with a specific location. This is why the Ox Line Day/Night is a bespoke watch. This watch features custom-made parts that sync to your chosen location. Also, if the place of residence changes in the future, the new parts can be adapted to the changed location in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

To power this watch and its complications, which are not a true novelty but now appear in the brand’s permanent collection (previously available in limited editions), Ochs & Jr. It relies on a rather interesting base caliber, the Ulysse Nardin UN. -320 – Ludwig Oechslin worked with the United Nations for many years, designing, among other things, the Astrolabium, the Planetarium, the trilogy of astronomical complications known as the Tellurium, and participated in the creation of Freak. This 4Hz automatic movement with a 48-hour power reserve has been modified by Ludwig Oechslin with his 13 new parts (yes, just 13…) specifically designed for day and night use.

For this new standard version of the Ox Line Day/Night, the brand has chosen a minimalist approach with a 40mm Grand 5 titanium case with intentionally visible machining marks. The dial is made of brass (daytime) and dark blue patina (dial base and nighttime). The hands and indexes are also made of brass. The patina changes its color beauty from deep blue, black, and brownish to purple and eggplant depending on the incident light. The sun is made of hammered 24K yellow gold and the moon is made of hammered platinum.

Available in both the northern and southern hemispheres, you can choose the length of day and night for your chosen location when ordering. Ochs und Junior Ochs Line Day / Night is delivered on a dark blue his Ecopell leather strap and with accessories. A handmade leather pouch.The delivery time is approximately 3 months from the date of order, and the price is 10,700 Swiss Francs (Export price, excluding tax). Learn more about.

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