Introducing The BodCon Confidence Series: A Course Set to Empower and Boost Body Confidence

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Imagine a space where you can let go of society’s expectations and embrace your individuality. That’s exactly what BodCon and the Confidence Series are trying to create. There exists a safe haven for all the wonderful curvaceous queens. This course is more than just a fashion makeover. It’s a life changer!

We have great news to share with you that TCF has teamed up with The BodCon to launch a confidence-inspiring course. confidence seriesMake your curves and confidence shine even more.

in the world 91% of women Bodcon, who admitted to being dissatisfied with her body, is embarking on this groundbreaking initiative that is shaking up the fashion and self-love scene. The Confidence Her series is designed to overturn negative body image and allow women to embrace their beautiful bodies with pride.

“Navigating the path to body acceptance and self-confidence can be overwhelming, especially with the misinformation so prevalent on social media and pop culture. Gaining confidence and self-love can be difficult for many people. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight, as people have been led to believe,” says Gabrielle Richards, Brand Director at The BodCon and Certified Body Confidence Coach. “Through the launch of the BodCon Confidence Series, we aim to disrupt the self-help industry by offering fresh, dynamic, research-backed confidence-building approaches that challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

The Confidence Series offers a unique blend of style tips, self-love exercises, and empowering discussions to help women not only embrace their curves, but flaunt them with confidence. We promise to be a product. It’s not just about fashion. It’s about fostering a community where all women feel seen, heard and celebrated for who they are.

What to expect from the Confidence series

The BodCon's Confidence Series is designed to overturn negative body image and empower women to embrace their beautiful bodies with pride.

At this confidence-boosting luxury event, you can expect virtual runway walks, body positivity affirmations, and insider tips on how to contour your curves with confidence. This course is about more than just looking good. It feels incredible every step of the way.

Join TCF Editor-in-Chief Marie Denney for Course 3. Tame your anxiety: Embrace your imperfections and take back your power. The Confidence series features 6 inspirational courses of 5 modules each, each taught by the following renowned and certified body confidence experts:

Gabriel Richards (@ga positive), Brand Director at The BodCon and Certified Body Confidence Coach. Taryn Brumfitt (@bodyimagemovement), 2023 Australian of the Year and body image activist. Dr. Morgan Anderson (@drmorgancoaching), clinical psychologist, and attachment theory expert. Dr. Trevor Cates (@trevorcates), naturopath, best-selling author, and founder of a natural skin care brand Dr. Spa.; and Nicole Kalil (@Nicolem Khalil), author of Validation Is For parking, respected coach, and host of the podcast This Is Woman’s Work.

The titles of the Confidence series are: Unleash your confidence: The ultimate journey to transform your body image and become unstoppableteeth:

  • Course 1: Awakening: Uncover your body image dilemma and start on the path to self-esteem
  • Course 2: Overcoming negative self-talk: Change the conversation you have with yourself
  • Course 3: Taming Anxiety: Accepting Your Imperfections and Reclaiming Your Power
  • Course 4: Mastering relationships: The key to confidence in all relationships
  • Course 5: Coping with life’s physical changes: Developing confidence through change
  • Course 6: Sustaining Change: Building Lasting Body Confidence

This course boasts over 30 hours of education to improve body image and self-esteem, giving you the tools and strategies to have unwavering confidence.

What a unique and self-helping way to enter the new year with intention, giving you the tools you need to cultivate, cultivate, and cultivate your own self-confidence. Prepare to break free from the chains of body dissatisfaction and join us at The BodCon on this transformational journey with our Confidence Series. After all, when it comes to self-confidence, curves are always on trend.

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Start your journey of confidence

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